New Radiohead album price? It's 'up to you'

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Innovative rock band Radiohead has stunned the music world by announcing that its forthcoming album will make its debut as a digital download available for whatever individual consumers want to pay for it.
Guitarist Jonny Greenwood announced on the band's website late Sunday night that the new album In Rainbows has been completed and would be released Oct. 10 online.
When pre-ordering the album through the website, the checkout screen returns the message: "It's up to you."
A physical version of In Rainbows — a special edition featuring two discs as well as lyrics and artwork — will follow in December. Story
What do you think about Radiohead's decision? How much would you pay for the album?

I think what Radiohead is proposing is a great idea. I would probably pay $15.00 for the album if given a choice of what I want to pay.
Seeing as the delivery system is cheap. Like no packaging, shipping etc. I'm thinkin $10 is enough.
$10 would be a fair price as well, only reason I would pay a little more is because I am a fan of the band.
What an AWESOME system.
I've been waiting for something like this for a long, long time. Well, as the price is up to you, pay what you wish. I'll pay $1 a song, seems fair. Kudos to Radiohead, an awesome band no less.
Not a fan, their music is too "soft" for me, but that IS a really cool idea- wouldn't be surprised if the folks overpaying more than make up for the under-paying types, interesting experiment, and if it works who KNOWS what will come of it
I'm not a fan but I like them. More generally, I would not pay 2 effing cents for an mp3. I have played mp3 file on my stereo, Sony ES reciever 130 watts RMS, (that means real power not what you see at Future Shop), per channel with Bose 901 speakers. Sorry to tell you tech tone deaf generation, but there is a difference from a CD or for that matter a vinyl disc. More bandwith is needed to satisfy my high fidelity tastes.
interesting idea, and sure, at the beginning, i reckon people will be generous, just because the band made the gesture... however.... give it a few years, when this is a common concept... i reckon most people will be underpaying

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