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Well I was just shocked by this Obama Healthcare Democratic Proposal being argued behind closed doors. I read. I wondered immediately, what say you my brothers and sisters to the north? Do you deal with this in the Canadian Plan? I wondered how you all feel about the way your tax dollars are spent.

First I was disappointed that the many bluedog Democrats haven't sided with the Republican side of the aisle regarding the public funding of abortions in the proposed plan. By far the greatest percentage of the daily procedures performed in this country are to expunge the innocent lives for the ease and comfort of the mother AND father. If those two, both "victims"- and usually unmarried participants in the plan- seem to feel they need the service, let them find a way to pay for the wanton destruction on their own.

Obama is also actually going to be called on too to use our funds for mandatory counseling of the critically ill, for hospice and terminal patients. These sessions are to inform them of rights, procedures AND methods to terminate their lives. The state of Oregon currently uses this mandatory counsel for self inflicted suicide.

You see. Jeff Emanuel has written on "The Downside of a ‘Public Option’: Oregon’s Physician-Assisted Suicide Promotion and Overall Rationing of Care":

"... over the course of this decade, the state of Oregon has put in place a formal procedure for rationing care to patients whose health coverage is subsidized by government (i.e., who are enrolled in some form of the state’s “public option”). To date, they are the only government in the world to have formally done this, though many — from Britain to Canada to states here in the U.S. — work “cost-effectiveness” into their official denials of medical treatment. "

Imagine that, the liberals used to be all about stopping the killing in wars and on the streets, especially innocent lives. Now they approve- by majority- the taking innocent lives- before birth AND helping the "unproductive citizens" remove themselves from the burden they put on society.

I guess I am just one former liberal, now bluedog, that still feels all life is precious. If it takes me living without the large screen LCD-HDTV, or the Wii for my children, or an ipod that plays for 6hrs, all by the way, made in China... I gladly will.

I will, count me in.

Is there a Euthanasia mandate hiding in Obama-care?
In a free society one must be allowed to make choice with relation to their own body. Be assured, that very few, if any, of the people who make the choices for their own person that you disagree with, take those decisions lightly.
I've always felt that if you want to die and are suffering then there should be help you can turn to and ease your mind or put you into the position to calmly and gently put yourself to sleep. We extend that to animals without question of morality. Yet when that same premise is brought to the human condition, we pick a side and start tossing about words like murder.

Doctors and nurses working in the field who see this suffering are perhaps the best qualified to understand when and why people should or shouldn't take their own life. Maybe that's the best place to look for the arguments both pro and con.
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In a free society one must be allowed to make choice with relation to their own body. Be assured, that very few, if any, of the people who make the choices for their own person that you disagree with, take those decisions lightly.

They can make any choice they want. If it is on the publicly funded plan, it should be limited to medical necessity only. We are not in the "business" (other people's "business") to pay for the taking of a life for their birth control. They had other choices and were irresponsible. To provide a medical procedure for an individuals non-medical "lifestyle choice" is an irresponsible use of any medical insurance program.
Economic choices should not be explored or counseled in a medical setting by medical professionals. We have other bureaucratic social services.

For Doctors there is a Hippocratic oath.
For Doctors to provide social services as an opportunity to counsel is not a medical concern.
Doctors should not be offering terminal medical procedures period... even under social service parameters.

Medical professionals nurses or doctors are not paid for social services. They provide medical advice only. To include counseling of others to take their own lives because they are now a burden on the taxpayer... after they have contributed to these benefits during every productive year of their life, is not their job- or to quote my liberal friends - simply not their business!! Although at times, even though, it my be of 'slight' concern to them.

We liberals- I was once one, we used to see all value in innocent human life. We marched against the taking of innocent life in wars around the world and on our own streets. We mourned for years the assassinations of those who felt the same way. Today, no longer, today, it is rid ourselves of the burden of others, even any potential burden on society... at all costs.

Our Society has grown to be what we once deplored.
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We liberals- I was once one,


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If you got off your silly fixation with abortion you might understand a little more. Women are legally entitled to it. There are far more important issues to worry about, like the amount of waste and inefficiency built into operating our health care system. Both the bureaucrats and the unions must share the blame here as they are all so concerned with how the process works they forget that the original use of this money was to treat sick and hurt taxpayers.

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