A stellar show promised for shooting stars

SHOOTING stars will light up the night sky next week when an annual stellar show takes place

Stargazers will have the chance to see the Perseids meteor shower with the naked eye as the Earth makes its regular pass through the debris trail of a comet.

A spokesman for the Royal Astronomical Society said: “From the UK the best time to see the Perseids shower is likely to be from late evening on August 12 to the morning of August 13, when as many as 60 meteors an hour may be seen.

“This year prospects for the shower are relatively good, as the Moon is a waxing crescent and from most of the UK will have set by 10.30pm, meaning that its light will not interfere significantly with the view.”

The Perseids are debris shed from the tail of Comet Swift-Tuttle burning up in the atmosphere.

The comet’s trail collides with the atmosphere each year during Earth’s orbit of the Sun.

source: A stellar show promised for shooting stars | UK | News | Daily Express