Learning to use my MP3 player

As a new MP3 user (Samsung YP-C1) I am having a problem downloading podcasts into my player. What happens is that while itunes shows the whole file, when i drag and drop it into my podcast file on the player, I end up with only a 1KB link.
Any suggestions?
Sounds like the entire file is a link.

Can you copy the MP3 (podcast) to your machine first?

I use an IPod, but have never uploaded a podcast to it before.
When the file shows on the ipod, it is large (10-15MB), but when I click and drag, it becomes a link. I can't figure out what I am doing wrong.
I don't know how to download directly to the MP3 player because it always has to go through itunes.
I will have to try a podcast download....if I get a chance to tonight I will, and get back to you if possible.
I've always used streamdown to take podcasts off the internet, I haven't put any on my mp3 player yet.

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