Does anybody know of a good downloadable dvd player?

I'm looking for a FREE good dvd player for my computer, does anybody know of any good ones?

thank you
*bump* sorry
Assuming you are talking about software, lots of players will play DVDs if you have the codec installed already. But as far as I know Mpeg2 codec for decoding DVDs has to be licensed and that costs money so you'll have a hard time finding a free legal DVD playback software. Most people don't want to pay a bunch of money to licenses and then give the product away free. Good luck on your quest.
If you're running Linux, I suggest Xine or MPlayer.

Both are free, open source applications and work beautifully.
thank you both for your help. I will check 'em out.
I use Kaffeine.
thank you
If you use windows, the best way to get a free DVD player is to see if any of the DVDs you already own come with one. My Star Wars DVDs come with InterActual Player for free. Sure sure, it's not actually free, as you have to buy a DVD to get it, but I'm sure you'll find a DVD that has a free player in your collection, or if not, your friends collection. I think about half of my DVDs come with some sort of free player for windows. Insert the DVD into your computer and see if it asks you if you'd like to install a player. That's the best way to check.
If you are on windows doesn't windows media player work? Quicktime would work as well, when I was on windows I got a dvd program with the dvd player I installed ( i forgot the name, been awhile since I ran windows) I also got a player with my "creative audio card" and it actually worked quite well. DivX is another one that may work for DVD's. I know it worked for mpeg's.

That Kaffeine I use unfortunatly only works with Linux.
thank you again

i am currently running on windows but for some reason my windows dvd player doesn't work so i am trying out some new ones.
when a dvd is placed into my drive the message "access to the specified device, path, or file is denied" appears.
and i also get the message "unable to play DVD, you must have DVD software instaled on your computer to play DVDs..." which suggests to me i have deleted somthing or there is a problem in my drive.
Windows does not come with the ability to play DVDs. In order to use this feature in WMP, you have to already have a DVD codec (which usually comes with another player) installed. If you find a DVD that has InterActual player on it, after you install, you will be able to use WMP to play DVDs. There's nothing wrong with your computer.
it used to be fine but due to some major work on my system it doesn't seem to want to do it anymore.
There's a MPEG 2 video decoder utility from MS that checks to see if you have any MPEG2 codecs installed. Get it here:
Thank you very much

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