13 000 year old tools found in Colorado.

What researchers found on the tools also was significant. Biochemical analysis of blood and other protein residue revealed the tools were used to butcher camels, horses, sheep and bears. That proves that the Clovis people ate more than just woolly mammoth meat for dinner, something scientists were unable to confirm before.

CTV.ca | 13,000-year-old tools unearthed at Colorado home
Mmmmmm, mammoths!
YouTube - Canada Vignettes - Woolly Mammoth
clovis tool pictures - Live Search Images#
and Western Camel extinct 8000 years ago
I think the clovis artifacts are all before about 13,000 years ago and found below a layer of ash from about the time of the Younger Drayas event which interrupted the last ice age for another fifteen hundred years or so. It is suggested that an impact event at that time destroyed most mega fauna of North America.
The common story has been that the Clovis culture hunted the mega fauna to extinction even though there is little evidence they hunted them in Asia. A cataclysmic event is the more probable cause. What I found interesting is that according to aboriginal oral tradition, some mega fauna survived up until just a few hundred years ago, including Mammoths and giant grizzlies and beaver. Many western tribes describe encounters with herds of giant beavers migrating west because of European settlement on the East Coast.

You might find some interesting insights in Vine Delorea Jr.'s book Red Earth White Lies: Native Americans and the Myth of Scientific Fact.

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