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Any one here who is connected to Artificial intelligence and Machine learning here. i am really confused about these terms and not cleared yet and looking for simple way to get into this. it would be great if anyone can help me please
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Dude, Actually ML is a part of AI, in ML the focus is targeted on one thing and system (designed on ML) fails when other than focused thing is shown to it. For example if a camera programmed with ML(where this is designed by showing different DOGs from different angles and places and these patterns later use to recognize a DOG) to recognize a DOG of different breeds the camera will recognize it and will getting improved time by time but if a CAT is shown to camera that camera will FAIL there because that doesn't recognize cat's pattern. On the other hand, in AI the system is intelligent itself and can take decisions and actions itself. following the same example, if camera is designed with AI this means even DOG and CAT are shown that camera will recognize both of them as a CAT and a DOG. You can further read from the source i found

Source : Machine Learning vs Artificial Intelligence
My daughter just rec'd her doctorate in AI/MI human interface and other stuff I cannot understand.
She insists it will be a force for good, but is not denying a possible dark side.
As an aside, as a Canadian she had to go to the USA to study in the field she desired.
A telling point; Ottawa put CDN $150 million into this field for all of Canada.
The (big name) university alone in the U.S she attends, received that much from Washington!
Canada cannot compete. On a personal note, my girl is extremely unlikely to return home.
I am sad & I am pissed��