iPhone8 mic problems

I bought 8+ and it has a muffled voice. People in the other end constantly ask me to speak louder or complain that they can’t hear me. They say that it seems I am calling them sitting in a tunnel. Some people on the other end said that I was “breaking up” and sounded like I was underwater. Turning the speaker phone helps a bit but the voice quality still suffers.

Some suggested it may be because of Freedom Mobile Network issues. I switched to Fido but the problem persists.

This phone was bought from local Apple store back in October, 2017.
Can you hear me now?
Were you able to have it replaced? Seems like not only the storage options of the phone is disappointing (no 128gb, which I usually get). I wonder if the muffled voice is an effect by the claim of this one website that says iPhone 8 speakers are "s much as 25% more powerful" than iPhone 7. Like that site's conclusion, I also believe getting an iPhone 8 is still worth it, even iPhone X to be honest. Just waiting around for the next iPhone, and hopefully, apple would step up their game this time around.
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the facial recognition sign on seems like a stupid upgrade.

isn't the thumb print good enough?

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