Kerry Is Such A Nice Man

And he has a good PR Man:


Moulton woman who lost job to tell story, promote Kerry

By Clyde L. Stancil
DAILY Staff Writer · 340-2443

MOULTON — A Moulton woman who was hired by John Kerry said she hopes to meet the Democratic presidential nominee on a Florida campaign stop next week, where she also could get chance to address the party faithful.

"I'm going to thank him right off the bat," said Lynne Gobbell.

Until then, she will busy herself doing radio interviews from her home and from the office that the Democratic National Committee is providing her in Decatur. Gobbell said that she already has given an interview to a Norfolk, Va., radio station, and plans to give another to a station today in Huntsville.

Gobbell, 41, said that she is looking forward to the Florida trip. She is not sure how she will get there, and is a bit anxious about flying in an airplane, which is something that she has never done before.

Kerry hired her to work for the DNC on Tuesday after reading a DAILY story about how her employer allegedly fired her for displaying a Kerry-Edwards political sticker. The sticker was on the rear windshield of her car.

In her Decatur office, Gobbell said that she will report to attorney Brian Oakes, the Morgan County Democratic Party's chairman.

She will work 60 hours a week, about the same number of hours she worked as a machine operator for Enviromate. Gobbell said that she also will earn the same salary that she earned before Enviromate owner Philip A. Geddes allegedly fired her for refusing to remove the political sticker.

Gobbell also will receive a benefits package to which DNC employees are entitled.

"I get the full benefits," Gobbell said. "Medical, dental and vision for me and my husband, Kenneth."

Leslie Dach, a senior adviser with the DNC, said Gobbell's job will last throughout Kerry's campaign. The election is Nov. 2. "She'll be talking to various folks, letting them know why she has agreed to spread the message about why America can do better with John Kerry," he said.

Dach said the DNC is still trying to work out the details about where Gobbell will spread her message and when she will meet Kerry.

Haggis McBagpipe
They all play so many games, don't they. Games that should be transparent for what they are, but for some reason are not. Kerry is the guy I hope gets in, but he sure plays the same pointless games. Wait, why on earth would I call them pointless when they are so effective?
Reverend Blair
This is a PR dream come true. Kerry's back-room hacks must have creamed their expensive suit pants when it came along.

I'm pretty sure that there are freedom of expression laws that protect Lynne Goebell too. She'll get a nice settlement when the court case is over.
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Kerry Should Be Prosecuted For Illegal Iran Meetings

Yep. Dems love doing illegal stuff.
New documents allege millions went to Biden’s and Kerry’s firm

This can't be believed cuz both Biden and BHO said they ran a scandal-free administration.
Quote: Originally Posted by Walter View Post

New documents allege millions went to Biden’s and Kerry’s firm
This can't be believed cuz both Biden and BHO said they ran a scandal-free administration.

It is not a scandal unless word gets out.
"Fast and furious" wasn't a scandal?

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