Is reality Real?

Physicists Are Starting To Question Physical Reality

Physical reality has been accepted as being real and it is what it is for many years. Scientists have researched it and decided that at its core, it's just quarks, fields, and quantum phenomena - all that science “stuff” with atoms and protons, electrons, etc. This has been known for a long time and no one has really questioned it. Until now. What if all that was wrong? What if the world isn't as it seems and it's something else entirely? A new theory suggests just that.
A column in Scientific American has offered the controversial idea that what’s fundamentally real in the universe, the actual base reality all that science "stuff" that seems to comprise it. It's not what everyone once thought it was. Instead, according to scientist and philosopher Bernardo Kastrup, some are starting to suspect that the matter itself is actually an illusion and that the only real thing is information. This can be quite confusing to this article is going to delve into it in a bit more detail.
A world of mass hallucination

This new idea is basically saying that that the physical universe that everyone sees, all the matter, all the physical objects only exists because humans perceive it as that. ItBreitenberg (848532) resembles a sort of mass hallucination that is being used to make sense of the mathematical relationships of objects. While this does seem quite far-fetched, according to Kastrup, it’s gaining ground. To some physicists, this indicates that all the matter, with its solidity and concreteness, is an illusion that only the mathematical apparatus they devise in their theories is truly real, not the perceived world the apparatus was created to describe in the first place, says Kastrup.
What this is effectively saying is that nothing is real, it's all just an illusion created by the human race to allow scientists and researchers to visualize what they are talking about in their theories. Nothing is actually real, it's all just a hallucination.
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We gotta pay Disney/Pixar a royalty for our existence.
The mathematical theories are also hallucinations.

As I have have stated numerous times before; 0÷0=0
I don't know if this has anything to do with this thread:
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