"American style sausages"

Hi everyone,

I thought I'd share this one with you, it's been playing on my mind for a few days and wondered your thoughts on it. Here's the situation, to raise some extra cash for my uni post-grad course, I'm doing some part time shifts as a barman at a local AMF bowling alley, well......

We have a lot of league bowlers in, they generally are irritating, as they get 1, free drink as they bowl (which shockingly, not even the staff get) and they generally moan about everything. Well, this week's topic was our Hotdogs, we've got this new brand in called a "Rollover" hotdog (bsically a normal Frank in a french bagetter, which is put into it by a very fallace looking stick), well this old lady decided to start moaning, suggesting our old version was better..

The basis for her arguement was this, she didnt like frankenfurters, she prefured to have onions as well. Basically, she used the line "I like American-style sausages"...to which, I got a bit...well a lot annoyed:

"AMERICAN STYLE SAUSAGES" I said "DO YOU ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT AN AMERICAN STYLE SAUSAGE IS?????"....No, she blaitently didnt, I tried to suggest to her that in fact a Frank is the most popular type of sausage (apart from patties) in the states, she was having none of it...

in the end it got so heated one customer came up to me and said "leave it, she's old" lol.

But do you see what I mean?, she basically wanted a british style sausage that's not at all suited to hotdogs...but my question is, do you eat franks or do you prefer patties?.

PORK FAT RULES. Gimme Bangers, Bruats, Debriz, Breakfast or Jimmy Deans sausage patties. Like the ones you find in the roadside diners in the Carolina's, smothered in sausage gravy with grits, eggs and toast. GAWD I'm hungry now, thanx Daz, lol.
Neither. Give me a raw steak and I'm happy. I never did get a taste for hot dogs (sausages) or hamburgers (patties).
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See, that was my point with the old lady, she stated she didnt like franks (ur basic hotdog sausage), but prefered "american-style" sausages, which she mean bangers.

which dont work in hotdogs and I'd like to see her go into an Albetsons or perhaps a Walmart, or even safeway on the west coast and find one....

best of luck hehe.
OK now I'm lost are you talking about a cheap hot dog about an inch in diameter? Or something more like brotsworth? About three inches in diameter?
Bangers or Frankies.

Try making a nice microscope slide of either one of them and you can see the crap in them, like fly wings and stuff.

Maybe she is refering to the "italian" style sausages we get from hot dog venders here in north america, spicy and very tasty.
Aw... I thought the thread was talking about a different type of American sausage... XD
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Aw... I thought the thread was talking about a different type of American sausage... XD

Cool it Five!

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Maybe she is refering to the "italian" style sausages we get from hot dog venders here in north america, spicy and very tasty.

Nah, I know about "italian" style sausages in north america, that's pretty much the nearest thing we could find to british "bangers" over there.
I have never seen nor heard of American Sausages but I'm limited in my knowledge of the U.S. eating habits

There are hot dog weiners which are a watered down collection of unmentionables pink in color and have nothing to do with....

Pork Sausage which is like the English Banger and is a grey color and smaller in size....

Depending upon the seasoning....there are Italian, Pepperoni, Salami, German, Andouille (served in Cajun country, and a dozen other sausage types larger than the regular pork sausage. Some are in flat patties rather than long casings.

Hot Dog Weiners are the only ones I've seen in a long bun down here but it could depend what part of the country you visit. Never seen anything advertised as American Sausages though.

I love Andouille but it becomes habit forming and my stomach rebels on occasion. Gotta grow up with it I guess!