Shaw cable internet

well, first off, the guy who installed it did not know what he as doing, he cracked the ceiling while in the attic, secondly my modem is second hand and heats up like a devil, plus I cant use my own modem...... that really pisses me off. To top it all off, Shaw tech support sucks major munky butt, I now know that xbox cant run off their modems, but before I got xbox Live I phoned them to make sure it would work, the TOLD me it would work fine, 2 days and 60 bux later I discover Teryaon modems do not work with xbox, so now im screwed, and if terayon modems dont work with Live, then neither does shaw if I can only use these crappy modems. So I as blantently lied to, I really wouldent have minded if they didnt know and said, well use at your own risk, but no..... they said it would work, and it doesent, I need 120Kb upload, my xbox registers at 55Kb upload, while my computer registers 490Kb upload, so obviuosly im not getting the required amount I should be. Dont trust Shaw, oh yeah, they also told me I could use my own modem, when it came time to install it, they told me I could not access their service without a Terayon modem, want to get dicked around? then get Shaw..... id get sumthin else but shaws the only one who servicess my area. needless to say, im not impressed.
man, try living in a rogers or a sympatico area. They make our lives hell around here! You shouldnt complain so much about Shaw before you do with Rogers and the rest of their gang.
The reason that you could not use your own modem is because shaw makes all network platforms only compatible with the modem they have at the time. the good thing is because of this whenever they get a new modem and upgrade the platform , you get the new modem to and try your xbox live through a dlink router. works fine for me

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