Where were you on 911

I was in Sydney BC on the morning of 911. When I woke up the first tower was on fire and I think when I got to work the second tower got hit. I was working at 443 Squadron on the Ops desk and we were frantically trying to find out what to do if we got a SAR launch. It was strange to watch the map empty of aircraft. Very few planes in the air - and we were watching Whidbey Island carefully to see if they were launching anything.

It was strange to wander into the coffee room and watch the disaster unfold with the ground crew. It was like deja vu because that's what I was doing when the Challenger blew up, except I was at Namao in Edmonton. .
Perhaps if you ask how much their stocks went up after 9/11 you would get a better reply.

A typical example was on NPR’s “Weekend Edition Saturday,” on September 8th, when the program-host Scott Simon interviewed the Obama Administration’s diplomat Robert Malley, in a segment titled “What’s Next In The Syrian War: Idlib”.
Simon’s introduction said:
“After this weekend, the last contested region of Syria may come under ferocious attack. After more than seven years of fighting, the end of the Syrian war may come down to Idlib province. … It holds more than 3 million people, many of whom have been displaced. It’s been essentially a kind of dumping ground for those opposed to Bashar al-Assad’s regime and ISIS.”
Actually, there’s a factual problem with Simon’s lead-in there. Though I have seen official estimates of the population of Idlib ranging from 1.5 million to 3 million, I haven’t seen any of “more than 3 million people.” Mr. Simon is always happy to please his CIA minders, and might simply have gotten carried away in this interview.
Furthermore, Simon’s lumping “Bashar al-Assad‘s regime and ISIS” together was striking, because ISIS has actually been one of the major forces in Syria working to overthrow “Assad’s regime”; and, “Assad’s regime” was elected in 2014 and has been shown by repeated polling done since then by the British firm of Orb International to retain more support amongst the Syrian public than does anyone else to serve as that nation’s leader. Polls taken in the U.S. today show that more of the public wish that Bernie Sanders were our President than that Donald Trump is; and, so, if Syria is a “regime” instead of a “government,” then the U.S. is even more of a regime than is Syria. (And the scientific evidence is consistent that the U.S. is more of a “regime” than a “democracy.”) Yet, Simon has never referred to the U.S. as a “regime,” even though he’s obviously a Democrat who thinks that Trump is a dictator who must be replaced by Mike Pence, and who wants that to happen so that America will be more of a ‘democracy’ than if the legally installed (and the elected) U.S. President remains President.
911 is the number I call in an emergency.
I was still working in town and my shift was about to come to an end when a customer walked in the door and started telling those of us there about planes flying into the World Trade Center towers. I remember coming home, turning on the TV. The towers were still standing when I began watching. I remember calling my friends and telling them what was happening as it was still early in the morning and most of us don't have our TV's on that early. I remember the horror and sorrow I felt as I watched the events unfold. Every 9/11 I make a point of watching History channels '102 minutes That Shook the World' - each year they update it a little more and include interviews with family members not previously heard from.
I was living on a friend's property when he called me into his house to watch. I saw the first one go down and said that it looked like a demo. When the second one went down I said, wag the dog and walked out. My bull shit alarms were screaming. I think anybody who believes the official story needs to pull their head out of their butt.
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My alarm clock was set to news. When it came on it sounded like Orsen Well's War of the Worlds. It took me a few seconds to digest what was happening.