Bad timing for Bell

I actually saw these posters when I was downtown TO last week and I wondered what they meant by ALT TV.........

Bell Canada is standing by a decision to name its new mobile TV service "Alt TV," despite criticism from some on social media that the name evokes the "alt-right" white nationalist movement.

Bell announced the launch of Alt TV in May . For $14.95 a month, subscribers can stream up to 500 TV channels to their mobile devices. The plan is available only to subscribers of Bell Fibe Internet.

Critics pointed out at the time that the name could have negative connotations for some. But the violent incidents in Charlottesville, Va. last weekend that left 32-year-old Heather Heyer dead has renewed focus on the "alt-right," a far right movement that rejects traditional conservatism in favour of white nationalism.

Bell Canada is again coming under pressure for a name some commenters called "tone deaf."

Bell Canada's

You got to be real sensitive snowflakes to even notice something like that.
Try "seriously messed up in the head"

Eventually there won't be the words needed to express any revolutionary thoughts
and new speak will rule!
Just wait until some snowflake declares the name ALT-TV makes him/her feel oppressed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jinentonix View Post

Just wait until some snowflake declares the name ALT-TV makes him/her feel oppressed.

Yes, there's some on that HUFF PO piece who have tweeted their disdain.......
Curious Cdn
It's all part of a greater move towards Alt-Reality in which conspiracies are real, black is now white is now black and objective truths have never existed.
Here is some Alt TV that snowflakes can't cry about.....both Obama and Trump are there with equal billing

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