Pizza attack leads to assault charges in Nova Scotia

An attack with a hot pizza slice has left a woman with burns to her face, leading Truro, N.S., police to charge a 29-year-old woman with assault causing bodily harm.

Paige Beaudry, 22, said she was standing in line at The Pizza Market on Esplanade Street on early Sunday morning when a man tried to cut in front of her. She said she politely told him where the back of the line started, and that's when a young woman threatened to put pizza on her face.

"She just reached over and smeared the pizza in my face and then the other two girls started beating on me," said Beaudry.

Her boyfriend was unable to help her because he was restrained by the man who cut in line, she said.

Beaudry and her boyfriend were eventually able to leave, and they crossed the street to The Engine Room, a pub where they had been prior to the assault.

The bar was closed, but the bouncers let her in so that she could wash her face.

The attack left Beaudry with burn marks on her face and chest.

"I'm hoping that it doesn't stay and it goes away," she said tearfully.

Beaudry is taking the next few days off work as she heals. She is currently taking Advil and Tylenol 3s for the pain, and keeping her face clean and using Polysporin to help it heal.

Beaudry's sister, Sonya, posted photos of Paige's burned face on Facebook with a description of the attack. The post has about 1,500 shares.

Three people were questioned by police today. A 29-year-old woman has been charged with assault causing bodily harm.​ Police said charges are not expected against the two others.

Deputy chief Jim Flemming said the investigation is continuing.

source: Pizza attack leads to assault charges in Truro - Nova Scotia - CBC News