My Future Prediction......What's Yours?

With the rising price of oil and gas. governments in North America will put into law that auto companies, ie: GM, Ford, Crysler must make more fuel efficient autos. This will reverse the downturn in auto sales as everyone will want (need) a new fuel effecient automobile. All which could have been done eons ago, and history will once again repeat it's self. What a wonderful world.
I predict some members of this forum will gain better sphincter discipline.
If I continue driving the streets of Edmonton I predict my sphincter will be able to turn a lump of coal into a diamond.
See, better sphincter discipline is happening already in Edmonton.

This could catch

epidemic proportions !

Spread the gospel.
History of Imperialism

When have the poor folk, you know the ones who work at the flour mill or the lumber yard or those who clean-up after the rich folk in hotels, and the lowest paid workers in a society ever mounted a campaign for imperial empire through invasion and war?

Not in recent memory.

The whole idea of “imperialism”, “Any instance of aggressive extension of authority” (from one dictionary) wherein “empire” exists in the form of an oligarchical state with all the dissentious stratification in the social organizing principle that notion establishes and encourages becomes the established “norm” has undergone significant change. Significant change in the process and machinations employed but little different in expression.

We were (perhaps) amused as Conrad Black tried to buy a peerage from the now defunct British Empire…. but he really wasn’t all that far off the mark.

The notion of “royalty” is no longer associated with lineage and membership in state court senate or familial aristocracy, but in the aristocracy of greed.

“Empire” although as historical concept, associated with families and rank afforded the champions of royalty’s-will through prominence and demonstration of facility at killing the enemies of empire is a faded ‘romantic’ construct.

No, today the aristocracy of greed are the weapons merchants and CEOs of mega-multinationals, petroleum Hydra who practice the arts of deception and guile facilitated in their imperial quest by advertising and media moguls working misdirection and miss/dis-information coerced through the promise of wealth and power to spin the lies and deceptions for their “piece-of-the-pie”.

While enormously wealthy banking institutions and retail marketing engines pillage the landscapes of not only the domestic population and proximal “friends and “trading-partners” they’re busy promulgating a discrete off-shore slavery to amass their fortunes while the distance involved provides insulation and “deniability” as “democracy” is reduced to a troublesome inconvenience.

Amassing political and monetary sway and hence the facility to manipulate both domestic social institutions as well as the social fabric of distant lands, “democracy” is the pap fed to status-quo enthusiasts, eager to pet the unicorn and assuage the dragon. The only “peerage” offered is special consideration and favored position under the skillfully micro-managed “legal-system”. A sub-culture of “lawyers” kept on retainer to obfuscate and frustrate a system of laws that ultimately establishes one rule for the wealthy and another for the poor.

These aren’t the sneaker-clad police-scanner-embedded- in-forehead variety of domestic ambulance chasers, no these are cultured nabobs wearing five thousand dollar suits and skipping from office tower in New York to yacht anchored off Dubai in their corporate-supplied G-4’s.

Lexicologists and prestidigitators of semantics, taking the simple language of “right” and “wrong” and artfully rendering it into nonsensical jabberwocky then supplied to corporate defense teams to illustrate and convince that toxic contamination is in fact a good thing and re-working ideas like torture and invasion into the far more palatable “aggressive interrogation” and “pre-emptive defense….”

Babbling Blackberries and Internet Innuendo are the mating call of the corporate legal paladins who make the world safe for the jackbooted excesses of corporate greed. Imperialism is alive and well in our modern world, you have but to wonder at the fortunes being “earned” by con-men at the gasoline pumps and the no-bid contracts afforded construction companies and pipeline contactors wherever in the world the bombs have most recently rendered that population safe and secure from the ravages of evil-doers and “bad-guys”…..

It is the age and the climate of econo-imperialism and the capital of this new court of ultimate power isn’t located where masses of poor scavenge for their daily existence. It is the Bay Streets and Wall Streets of America and Canada.

I don't see how any of that has to do with sphincter control, do you ?

My prediction for my future. I could follow in the footsteps of my father and exist without sphincter by virtue of surgery necessitated by disease. However I think perhaps I will avoid that fate by virtueous living and medical observation.
Like Mickey I believe the future has been cast in the ovens of greed and we have to endure further escalation in the already proceeding ecowar of long duration that has none but dire outcome for all especially the wealthy elite who will be torn assunder by the roiling masses, hopefully. I rather hope for an ass over some belching machination from robotic limbs of a souless autoforge.
Free Thinker
Too much sphincter control has been linked to higher chances of getting Cancer of the Arse!

Dun Dun Dunnnnnn.....

But I predict an even more inactive war then the Cold War is apon us. I shall call it..... "The Colder War" Where it will pin up democratic countries against the evil "Communist China" and their evil counter-part "Evil Gingivitis" No shots will be fired, no military actions will be made.... just a bunch of countries with whiney people in them trying to make protests and petitions to show China how they don't like what they are doing...... and China will learn how to give us all the finger and what it stands for and continue to do as they please.
Ecowars, I like that. Countries will shock and mow each other without pesticides or fertilizer.

Who do you think controls the world? The sphincters!

What could possibly be more germane than identifying the masters of our well-being...the sphincter-masters!
Technically any muscle surrounding an orifice and constricts said orifice qualifies as a sphincter, and so the issue of sphincter control becomes a much bigger an issue exponentially. This issue is very related to our destiny.
Too mant burritos and you'll need that sphincter control.
The whole reason I posted this is to see how people feel about the auto industry. If you people believe that it is impossible to have come up with a better fuel efficient car by now, then I guess you are all happy to pay the price of fuel that you do and will in the future. We should be driving 50+ miles to the gallon vehicles in this day and age, I don't care if it is a SUV or a Hummer. Auto companies which are regulated by the Gov. could have easily reduce our oil consumption......drastically.

But if sphincters are more important.........not wonder our government can screw you in those places. The govern idiots.
But if sphincters are more important.........not wonder our government can screw you in those places. The govern idiots. ------------------ALBERTA

I apologize Alberta. I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. The previous has been a promotional tour brought to you by the NUTS of the Round Holes, a group dedicated to breaking through any rigidity caused by constipation.

It's anarchistic glee is similar to an abstract artist realizing that the picture you see of that house is nothing more than 2 dimensional flat shapes with borders that push and pull you into your illusions.

Yer such a crack-up!

I intend no insult here Jim, but would I be correct in identifying a re-positioning so to speak on the issues from someone who at one time was as staunch Republican...if not "conservative"...
Absolutely a big change.

Still Republican. I like the idea of being a subversive mole, an incestuous cousin of Darkbeaver. Why live with the choir ? I like the dichotomy. I like being with the unlike.

I was a former Democrat. Democrats like JFK and RFK and Mo Udall and Pat Moynihan inspired my interest in politics, but that party doesn't have too many guys like that anymore. Obama has my interest. So does McCain. First time I've liked both party candidates.

When everyone sounds the same, I start getting the "Orwellian willies". Like another version of the Stepford Wives, or the drones in the Time Machine. Something's basically wrong with too much damn agreement. Too much agreement gets incestuous.
It only births insanity, as the Kings and Queens of Europe found out.

I also see that too many people talk to like-minded people all day long, year in year out and such behavior reinforces their belief system rather than challenging it, testing it, updating it.

The last part: updating, is a heavy duty deal. We get older, we don't update our emotional responses to situations.

My future prediction: We will create a new race. Our idea of perfection is that of a robot.
We are steadily moving in that direction. Why? Because we want to be better. We want to be stronger, healthier, without emotional disturbances that retard us. We want to get rid of all of our faults.

And this "progress" is not being challenged.

Luckily I was born perfect...
Only if there wasn't nuclear bomb or long lasting chemical bioweapons..
The world would have been so much better *cough*
Live each day like it's your last. To hell with the politicians. They can stew in their self righteousness. If you tighten your sphincter really hard they'll never get to you.

Geez Albertabound, your OP is 'My future prediction.....What's yours?" I'm sorry, I guess it should have been obvious you were talking about the auto industry. Well, I came close when I mentioned the driving practices in Edmonton. I'm psychic that way.
I'm still interested in everyones future predictions......where are we going?

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