"Broken Arrow" over Canada - 1950

Ten Packs
I stumbled onto a documentary about this on TV this evening - first I have ever heard of it. Did an atomic bomb fall in Canada?


I saw that show tonight .What do you think happend Ten Packs? I think they ended up detonating that mark 4 over the pacific.The US goverment lying and telling storys once again.
I know there is still an ABomb in the ground in North Carolina from one of their accidents.I worry about my relatives living there.
Reverend Blair
I've heard of this. As far as I know there was no radiation released and all evidence was gotten rid of PDQ. Where did you see the documentary, Ten Packs?
It was on Discovery last night .Its called lost nuke and was very interesting
Ten Packs
If anyone would like to see this show, it is going to be repeated tomorrow evening (Wed.) at 8 Eastern on Discovery.
There are a number of these presently residing in the oceans of the world. I'm beginning to doubt that any fish are fit to eat!