Four more years of decline

Four more years of decline
George Bush's new administration will be filled with mediocrities

Peter Preston
Monday December 13, 2004
The Guardian

The curse of the nanny is almost routine these days. No White House team can dodge it as the vengeful virus spreads. Exit one director of homeland security designate in the time it takes to change a diaper - or fast track a visa through the Home Office. (If Osama were really as bright as people say, he'd be training squads of suicide nannies even now.) But do not, perhaps, follow the spin here too swiftly. Pause over the disaster of Bernie Kerik before hurrying on.,00.html
Paranoid Dot Calm
Hey! Moghrabi

Only in America could a wife beater like Gulliani recommend a former bankrupt policeman, and who "luckily" managed to accumulate 6 million bucks off off the 9-11 tradgedy, to be the Minister of "Everything" in the Bush administration.

Imagine? .... while this clown had police breaking down doors and arresting illegals, he was harbouring one within his own household.
That is pretty wild, eh?

And .... this guy was gonna have the keys to all "personal" - "Private" information on everyone in the whole wide world!

And now, they are talking about giving it to Libierman, a Jewish person, while at the same time the FBI is investigating Israeli spies in the Whitehouse!

Wow! Only in America!

Only in America you see things like this happen. It is not a TV show anymore. It is real people with real theives and criminals.

What a funny place.

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