Last but not least, there are the Russian liberals. You have to realize that by now the words “liberal” and “democrat” have become almost insults in Russia. Here is a typical Russian joke which illustrates the typical Russian view of liberals:

A new teacher comes into the class:
– My name is Abram Davidovich, I’m a liberal. And now all stand up and introduce yourself like I did …
– My name is Masha I liberal …
– My name is Petia, I’m a liberal …
– My Little Johnny, I’m a Stalinist.
– Little Johnny, why are you a Stalinist? !
– My mom is a Stalinist, my dad is a Stalinist, my friends are Stalinists and I too am a Stalinist.
– Little Johnny, and if your mother was a *****, your father – a drug addict, your friends – homos, what would you be then in that case? !
– Then I would be a liberal.

Notice that the new teacher has a typically Jewish name, which illustrates the Russian belief that Jews are the prime proponents of the kind of “liberalism” folks like Berezovsky or Khodorkovsky incarnated in the 1990s. This is not some kind of anti-Semitism – this is simply a typical case of blowback.

So when the poor Russian liberals get to present their view on Russian TV, they not only are called to task to defend or, at least, try to justify AngloZionist imperial policies, they are also regularly reminded of the horror which Russia was under their rule in the 1990s. Just standing in the company of Russia-hating Americans, Poles and Ukrainians they look discredited beyond any possible redemption.

There is really nothing as funny as watching Russian liberals, Americans, Poles and Ukrainians clamoring that there is no free speech in Russia on prime time Russian TV.

Counter-propaganda, Russian style