Leading Anti Gay Christian Group Quits-Apologizes for Past

I will say that while they were nasty in their prime I give them kudos for apologizing, which must be a big step for some of them.............

The leader of Exodus International , a Christian ministry that worked to help people repress same-sex attraction, has apologized to the gay community for inflicting "years of undue suffering." He plans to close the organization while launching a new effort to promote reconciliation.

"The church has waged the culture war, and it's time to put the weapons down," Alan Chambers said Thursday, hours after announcing his decision at Exodus' annual conference and posting his apology online.

"While there has been so much good at Exodus, there has also been bad," Chambers said at the conference. "We've hurt people."

Based in Orlando, Florida, Exodus was founded 37 years ago and claimed 260 member ministries around the U.S. and abroad. It offered to help conflicted Christians rid themselves of unwanted homosexual inclinations through counselling and prayer, infuriating gay rights activists in the process.

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Did he come out of the closet too?
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Quote: Originally Posted by taxslave View Post

Did he come out of the closet too?

yes he did

Last year, Chambers ó who is married to a woman but has spoken openly about his own sexual attraction to men ó said he was trying to distance his ministry from the idea that gays' sexual orientation can be permanently changed or "cured."

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Very nice.
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Homophobia keeps adding on the losses. Still a lot of hold outs left.

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