' the shores of Hudson Bay'

Maybe you should learn Canadian history before running on FN and UN propoganda
The extermination of the locals so their land becomes your land? That is a global history when the Jewish expansion is the topic. If it was hidden back then they knew it was as immoral as it is today.
Like I said read up on Canadian history you'll learn a lot
I've made a start already in the history section. I haven't finished e-mailing that thread post out to people yet. Our seamy underbelly will be exposed soon enough. Feel free to continue without me till I wrap this up. Your version is always good as a springboard to the actual facts.

Why do you care as long as you can throw in an opinion that is not about anything on the thread so far? The Settlement is on the same shoreline so fuk off or post something relevant. It looks a lot like what happened when the Jews moved into South Africa and Australia. There is a thread for that topic, want me to update it so you have someplace to take a shit?

First off, when you figure out what this thread is supposed to be about, let me know. Secondly, you are the LAST person I need preaching to me about living conditions in our remote areas. I spent over 20 years flying goods into those remote communities.

In case you haven't been paying attention, which you obviously haven't, I've been a big proponent about improving living conditions in our remote communities. BY the same token, there are a number of problems that are not the fault of Whitey or the govt. Chiefs who treat their communities like their personal little fiefdoms. Emotional blackmail, identity politics etc. Attawapiskat was a perfect example of all those problems.
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First off, when you figure out what this thread is supposed to be about, let me know.

I explain what all my threads and posts are about. If you are confused you belong on an easier thread. There are enough links to vids that support my opinions and if those are also too difficult to understand. My posts tend to be about making the lives of the least important better and it never involves making the lives of the rich any less elegant. Why it stops is hoarding all the money so nobody can advance themselves forward.
The collective loves to render judgments using opinions rather than some morality. If my opinion was so insane, and this place has said that it is more than a few times, then you should be able to do better than opinions and agreement on that is all the justification needed. Seriously if that is the best you can do you are in for a rough ride as the vids I post for you to watch are not single voices anymore. They are Jewish historians so how about you post a comment on their vid to them and give me a link to it if you find the material so offensive. Perhaps you outrage is over by the time you finish trolling me.


Secondly, you are the LAST person I need preaching to me about living conditions in our remote areas.

The thread wasn't made with you in mind. It wasn't even made with Indians having to live in slums while their caretakers like in warm dry houses and take notes, especially about physical and mental ailments. Fixes are available where they live but withheld intentionally. You do understand the difference between 'intentional' and 'unintentional' means in a Court cased where federal time will be the sentence handed down. If we treat our Natives like shit and 20 years of immigration has those people living in slums that are not any better except for quick pictures.


I spent over 20 years flying goods into those remote communities.

And that means what?? You give any of them any good advice that was in opposition from what was coming from Indian Affairs. I actually offered to start a thread on corruption in that place. I don't recall the collective liking that topic very much, you should have been all over it as well as the threat started by Boomer about the prison on Baffin Island. Am I going to find you on those threads?
The Indians I met up north came to my place and it was the dead of winter for the months I was there. So what does that have to do with anything about slums today? Today I would have you smuggling in pallets of Borax and White vinegar. Today why aren't you running a CBC North type of site to get the info to the end user. Proper venting for a wood burning stove has been watched in video format by how many people. Some people do not want them breathing clean air for 6 months or more, guess where the buck stops??


In case you haven't been paying attention, which you obviously haven't, I've been a big proponent about improving living conditions in our remote communities.

There should be a paper trail then, cough it up. You seem to have not been very effective if there are places like I have been referencing and the 'experts' sent in are liars without a doubt. That is criminal as well as immoral because the people specifically requested they offer some expert advice.


BY the same token, there are a number of problems that are not the fault of Whitey or the govt. Chiefs who treat their communities like their personal little fiefdoms.

They are mimicking what their bosses in Indian Affairs do. Left out is the part that they will be despised even more by them, they are under direction to make their lives as miserable as possible using the methods suggested by the ones who get the results of all the studies that go on.


Emotional blackmail, identity politics etc. Attawapiskat was a perfect example of all those problems.

You left out 'high suicide rates' and 'still is' Whitey
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================================================== ================================================== ===
POOR MHz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MHz has told us he was an engineer in working life........yet all his "solutions" to so many things involve mind bending and economy breaking Rube Goldberg devices that always suck up more cash and energy than they would ever produce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All your green toy soldiers all died horrible deaths didn't they?? Most melted, Right??

Borax and white vinegar and a small neon sign transformer and some stainless steel (aluminum heat sinks work just fine) and some tempered glass, can make the place below have clean air and the ozone created can be run 24/7 if that is what that person needs to up his O2 intake so the memory loss incidents are eliminated. That is one of the earliest triggers the brain does to show something is not right. The symptoms and cure for altitude sickness is the same. Giving O2 is not a couple of breaths it is putting their home at 5% higher O2 content than the normal air'. They are getting the 20% a healthy person would get, a normal person in their air would be light headed at first. N. Tesla worked around ozone which is O2 an hour later. I assume he was quite good at chess and other 'mental exercises'. opium was Sherlock's drug of choice for the same reason, more O2.
Bulk buy and every house has those item for $10/yr per person for the borax and vinegar. $20 for the other parts and power is all it needs after that. It can be bubbled through olive oil and that is the only first aid cream they will need so a barrel would do the village for a year, add $100/ month just because.
How much so far?

I wanted a real shack but these will do.

The inside will be covered later. Spray, heavy soak. the exterior wood with water will as much borax in it as possible as that prevent mold and kill ants, wrap in 2' weather-proof foam and then metal roofing material used as siding as metal is mice proof. Add porch, insulate roof add metal roofing at a steep pitch and extra overhand and no drain-pipes.

Scoop up all the gravel and when put back down it goes from house to house rather than house to road. If ditches will be use they are cleaned out and put to grade and then the same design use for house weeping tile is used and laid in the bottom of the ditch and then then it is back-filled flat. In the summer rain will soak through the ground and in the winter it is frozen. The road should be dished and the water runs in the middle of the road when needed, locals can flatten out the ruts on their own as a few tires hooked together is a simple drag, a better design can be used winter and summer. With no standing water there will be no garbage being blown in. Paper is food for mold 3 days after it gets wet.

I'm not sure where this is but I'm going to say the river is on the other side of the berm. The water on the corner should be the deep spot and a pump like the one below is about as simple as it gets and a small electric or gas motor is all that would be needed to spin it

Water wheel pump

Depending on the soil it is usually in 3 layers. Here the lowest one sets the ditches and the slopes for water run-off and the next layer is for material that is not capable of growing a plant on it's own and then 2" of topsoil and some weeds that grow like a fine so they are maintenance free (the ones I am thinking of almost look like a clover leaf bur then a pine forest has another type of vine. Some trees would also help such up the excess moisture and be a wind break at the same time. Put them in the right spot and the wind could put the snow away from the roads and paths.

At some point, a dirt mound where the steps are and a covered sidewalk along the whole building. Make it 10ft wide and greenhouse plastic the walls could be a herb garden. A wind-proof porch for now, even plastic as in is not heated

Wash at high pressure with borax in the water, if need be the place can be sandblasted using baking soda as the cleaning agent and not cleaned up 100%. Some sort of epoxy sealer would be nice but linseed oil sprayed on and more borax before a surface coating that is resistant to moisture and mold is applied. Wall-board over drywall, lextan over glass for the windows

Last but not least. Kids,

To be continued
Please contact Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada to obtain assistance with your enquiry. Contact information for the Department is accessible from the "Contact us" section of its website at the following URL: Contact Us
Anyway, . . .

The cladding used on the towers that went up like a roman candle in London was a danger because so much was used in a small area. That style came with a weatherproof so a bulk buy would eat up existing stock that is headed for a landfill. One wrap on the outside of the shack, another on the inside and stick the wiring and plumbing to the wall like it was a 'sub'.

Back to Quebec and a dead asbestos industry. If they could manufacture a modular home exterior walls that was 'sealed' ir would be suitable in the far north as well as the Amazon where A/C needs insulated rooms. I'm guessing it is 'rot resistant' as well. Produce panels of a certain sizer and let the designers use those designs only. The village in question looks like a lot are the same design and the other ones could use another product or have a wet saw that cuts and seals in the same operation. Being blown in might mean they float rather than sink and foam under a cement slab is becoming the norm.

Flax straw in the ditches around the weeping tile might be better than filter cloth and you could probably leave the weeping tile out as this is bust to drain all the puddles left. Flax will not rot for 20 years so perhaps there would be lots of uses found. Hemp is better but there is none, The community could grow their own now it is legal. I'm pretty sure some weaving classes and a 3d printer would have a whole bunch of 'bush-craft' products such as a mat that be used the same as we use cement sidewalk blocks.

I see some dogs so I assume there are cats to. Good. Where is the 'horse'? (team kept by the community and available by booking an appointment) In the winter they pull a drag to pack the snow flat and move it away from the houses and towards the middle of the street at the same time where it melts last and the house yards are dry first rather than last.
What's this now I thought MHz said it's the Gov.'s fault

First Nations decide how funds used: government


When asked about overcrowding on reserves, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC), the federal department responsible for First Nations, said in a written response:
"First Nations are responsible for allocating their own housing funds, including decisions on the number of new units they may decide to build, according to the priorities and needs of the community."

Remember the post I made about then getting ripped off for $12M. You need to reply to that. If the money was to be spent on things that they purchased before but crapped out since then. The water and sewer system should have has '0' boiled water days for 4 decades. Today they might as well haul water from the river themselves and get a full refund on what was spent on a system designed for Whitey, you know the ones that gets the maintenance it needs. If that is withheld they gave been sold snake oil, plain and simple. The design of the village was hired out and the quality seems to have led to sever health issues that is promised to eliminate.

Pay very close attention, Ottawa arranges everything and health care has been held back and modern 'devices' sold to them for a lot of money are as outdated as possible as ozone water treatment has been available a lot longer than that.

How much warranty have they been able to recover?? My guess is it went poof like the $12M did as soon as a White Lawyer has access to it.

Want her name so you can sent a 'well done' card??

Tell me why they are not given information that lowers their demand on Canada Health if they are already scared as shit that they will just be experimented on even more.


Here you will find an index of hundreds of ailments for which a great array of home remedies have proven useful. Each health condition has its own informational article followed by our vast treasury of reader feedback, organized by remedy. Our readers have been sending us their health stories, victories, trials and side effects of natural cures for a decade and a half. Please also check out our Remedies page where we list individual herbs, supplements and other home cures along with the health conditions that may benefit from their use.

There are a host of DIY info sites that would allow them to fix things on their own by just ordering the correct parts. (rather than have their caretakers be more interested in robbing them and getting a bonus for fuking them over, welcome to the White-man's world. Possession is 9/10 of the law right??
The demand of 'play out way or suffer needless hardship' is probably a War Crime.

I think JT would be singing in no time as well as the rest of the criminals.

Even after I show all the flaws you still cheer them on. That is the biggest mystery of all.
There would be no boil water advisory if they maintained the treatment plants, it's not hard it just takes time.
So the training and spare parts just 'poof' into existence do they. No company follow ups or vids left with the customer that tell him how to do the upgrades. How many frozen pipes in the community each winter?

You sure seem determined to put a lot of the blame on the end-user while ignoring that they did ask for expert help from Whitey and it show they were sold snake oil every time. 1st inspection was 9 years after the water plant was installed, that's a bit long as there should be yearly inspections as these are health and safety issues.

Amazon.com and a fast delivery service would be more of a help to them than out Govt. Let them do their R&D into drone delivery service from Churchill as they set up their own rail cars for customers in remote places that place orders that fill a shipping container.
Have Indian Affairs sent the money and nothing else as they have shown they are an enemy of the people.

Perhaps the UN Humans Rights dept can think up something to keep them busy before the dept is shut down
For all your complaining about nobody being experimented on what makes you thinks the Whites in Canada aren't lab rats also??
You’ve probably heard that lead has been found in drinking water, that certain kinds of fish contain high levels of mercury, and that worrisome amounts of arsenic have been found in rice. But you may not know why that’s a problem—or that these elements (and others, such as lead and cadmium), commonly known as “heavy metals,” are also in many other foods. This includes foods made just for babies and toddlers, such as popular snacks, cereals, prepared entrées, and packaged fruits and vegetables.
Over time, exposure to heavy metals can harm the health of adults and children. One of the biggest worries: cognitive development in very young children.
“Babies and toddlers are particularly vulnerable due to their smaller size and developing brains and organ systems,” says James E. Rogers, Ph.D., director of food safety research and testing at Consumer Reports. “They also absorb more of the heavy metals that get into their bodies than adults do.”
That’s why CR’s food safety team analyzed 50 nationally distributed packaged foods made for babies and toddlers, checking for cadmium, lead, mercury, and inorganic arsenic, the type most harmful to health.
Children in the U.S. eat a lot of packaged baby food. More than 90 percent of parents with children 3 and under turn to these foods at least occasionally, a new Consumer Reports national survey of more than 3,000 people found. And annual sales of baby food now top $53 billion and are projected to reach more than $76 billion by 2021, according to Zion Market Research.
Our tests had some troubling findings:
• Every product had measurable levels of at least one of these heavy metals: cadmium, inorganic arsenic, or lead.
• About two-thirds (68 percent) had worrisome levels of at least one heavy metal.
• Fifteen of the foods would pose potential health risks to a child regularly eating just one serving or less per day.
• Snacks and products containing rice and/or sweet potatoes were particularly likely to have high levels of heavy metals.
Organic foods were as likely to contain heavy metals as conventional foods.
While those results are worrisome, parents who have been feeding these foods to their children don’t need to panic, says James Dickerson, Ph.D., chief scientific officer at Consumer Reports. He notes that consuming these foods doesn’t guarantee that a child will develop health problems, but that it may simply increase that risk. And whether problems develop depends on a host of factors, including genetics and exposure to other sources of heavy metals, such as from lead paint or contaminated water.
Get help.
That's what I'm trying to do, why are you so against it?

This is my latest effort, what was yours other than this stellar post??

CBC News · Posted: Feb 06, 2007 12:19 PM ET | Last Updated: February 6, 2007
First Nations people in Canada live in "Third World" conditions, with a lack of access to clean water and decent housing, the national chief of the Assembly of First Nations said Tuesday.

The First Nations people goes to the tip of South America so you don’t have to far to go to find stories that are similar to yours. It is not an accident you are as ill as you are in spite of spending large amounts the health of the people is worse when they were the only people on the land. They take notes on the ailments but no solution comes let alone one that is cheap and long lasting.
When you allow a contractor to build a whole village at once the warranty should be on the far side of 50 years rather than the shy side of 5 years and claims the owners were the cause of the break-down.
You could have clean water using sand as a filter. If you have boil-water days you need water purification tablets such as MMS2 as that is used in 3rd world countries to kill malaria ‘germs in water’. It is neutral 1 hour after being dissolved. It should be as common as Aspirin is down here.
The design that makes for a ‘warm dry’ home contributes to better health. That is lost if the home is dry and warm but the stove allows traces of carbon monoxide to bring about the same conduits as a damp moldy house does. The info is available, you have to find it as the Govt has a different plan in mind for you and it isn’t any different than the past.
There are a few DIY sites, including Primitive Skills Workshop, aka bush craft tropical jungle style.
Once you know what the final product is supposed to look like you price it out and then look for a cheaper solution. The CRT TV are still common and more durable, what they need is a docking station so a modern phone can be plugged in to act as the tower and network connection to the village more than outside. That is still 2x the vid playback format and a touch=screen add-on would make the village 21st century
If you have ‘good water days’ a storage tank at home could be used in the bad days, as well as being able to be treated further so they have the cleanest water possible. It is not 3rd world as you need power, a very small amount so there is no reason that is not an option that is given to you by the company that installed the water system in the first place. Each residential kitchen could probably access water with just a shallow well and an above ground septic tank that can be collected and gray water going to the landscape. The off grid ones have 3 stages and ‘top soil’ is the waste product after the flammable gasses are collected for use.
Repair is better than nothing and the more substandard one does the higher it is on the list. Rotted spots can be treated for insects and mold and given an epoxy barrier and big voids filled with spray on foam and trimmed and covered as usual. Since all of this is in a village setting only a few people need to know how to do it and thy order in bulk for that reason and it is 10x cheaper than the single use item.
Being remote and no inspection take place unless it is an emergency you can get away with a few things. Flax straw is a multi-use product that should come as a round bale and then as many as you can fit in 1 load at a time. In a rundown yard there will be ‘wet spots’ that could have some straw spread out as filler and then a thin layer of ground cover and the standing water hazard is eliminated using local recourses and talent. Modified that method can be used anyplace soil-cement was used soft spots in road can also be repaired the same way, the longer the fiber the better.

"We rank no better than a Third World country, and that is simply unacceptable. There is no good reason why our people should be as poor as they are," Phil Fontaine said in Toronto.

As far as I know you are not poor, what has happened is the ones designated as your connection to the outside world are under direction to make the lives of most of you as miserable as possible. Keeping you in poor heath keeps you from exploring other things; taking notes means you are the object of an experiment that has to be as hidden as possible.
Borax, white vinegar will not hurt a baby, it will permanently end the mold spores that are causing the rash. When that is verified the rest of what I’m going to cover might also turn out to be helpful. Making your own ozone is just as easy and even more effective.
Using a spinning washing machine tub to get the right texture of clay to use on a leaky woodstove to make it as airtight as any new one and have the intake use outside air would eliminate all cases of ‘cabin fever’. Bush life doesn’t have to be primitive or harsh on the people. If you live in an Igloo most of the year a Netflix account would be ‘money well spent’.

In a keynote address at an assembly National Housing and Water Policy Forum, Fontaine said there is no question that the federal government must spend more money to address the serious problems in First Nations communities.

If money is being stolen then more means the thieves get a bigger haul. If the Government is doing studies on your health issues and those same conditions do not exist in the lower areas they you UN rights are being taken away. The studies are done by the Canadian Gov’t and if they are not the end user and the data is sent out of the country it is no longer a ‘local issue’ and the Gov’t is the defendant only rather than Defendant and Judge like they are used to.
INTERPOL is your best bet for an independent audit, your call.

Fontaine said problems include unsafe drinking water, crowded homes, high unemployment, high suicide rates, limited access to quality health care, and thousands of children being looked after by provincial child-welfare authorities.

Davis Icke is quite good at exposing why families are broken apart. The Bankers he mentions are the ones who are responsible for studies about your ill health and fractured social structure. You are the Gaza of North America over any repairs being made that improved your health and little changed showing what the cause was in the first place. Bad water called for a band-aid, permanent mold is a death sentence
The damage already done cannot be fully undone unless you look at a recovery that is a few generations wrong. A smart phone is the only way to make your own network so the ones in the remote places can follow along in real time.

There are boil water advisories on more than 100 reserves, with about 35 communities in crisis over lack of access to clean drinking water. As well, on average, there are more than four people in every First Nations home, Fontaine said.

As mentioned you need a full refund and a well in every kitchen or a community well the water is treated to 21st century standards using ozone created by a small solar panel where it is to be used.

"When we start talking about the many crisis situations that exist in our communities, the response is usually: more money is not the answer," he said. "We all know more money is needed."
Fontaine said the government has made millions available to upgrade military equipment for the Armed Forces and to correct a perceived fiscal imbalance among some provinces.

Money is not the problem, other than you need a big refund for the snake oil that has been sold to you over the last 100 years.
If the village can follow events real time from home rather than the vocal ones getting 15 minutes per year. 500 villagers searching the net for some information are going to have better results than a person whose news is on paper that is a month old when he sees it for the 1st time. You should only have to spend money on that that, UN standards living conditions were sold to you at premium prices, you got garage sale materials. The criminal part is it was designed to make you more ill rather than less. The common internet tern is ‘disposable people’

If the federal government wants to make money the answer to problems, it clearly can, he said.
"The health of our people relies on clean water, clean air and healthy homes," he said.
Fontaine acknowledged, however,that First Nations people must help to find the solutions to existing problems by working with government officials and business leaders.

They have been the ones giving you guidance in the past. You have access to the net and there is information that will help you. It is free and the advice is time proven and it will correct what the Govt has wrecked, over a long period of time.

"It is all up to us. We must do it. We must create the solutions ourselves. Our community must decide on our future. We must work together to fix the system that has produced the results that we are living today," he said.

First you have to connect them all in real time. You can legally download this whole site and it will fit on 1 cd . If you do not get ill in the first place you are better off than getting ill and not getting attention. The Govt has better things to do than chase down somebody in the bush with a box of borax, that is as long as you keep it as quite as possible. You aren’t the only ones that will be receiving this.
The ‘mange cure’ in the pet section is also safe for children with head lice. A fine comb used everyday will also work.

Notice I didn't 'bother the collective; with something as trivial as this matter. Notice I left out that Boomer opened this topic after he abandoned the bombing children in Gaza thread rather than asking him if it was another 'see what we can get away with without being challenged' topic. If this place can be classified as 'racist' as only one group is exempt from chastisement then you add the 'extremist' element to it. Not very assertive when in front of an person who is frank and a bit blunt at the best of times. Uncouth is not something I have been sheltered from. Camp cooks that were women were the best by far. so laughing went hand in hand with it, not so much in the here and now.

I didn't fail the smell test you and the rest of the collective did.
Racism is where someone thinks you’re inferior because of your colour, ethnicity, nationality or race. This can result in them treating you differently or unfairly, this is called racial discrimination.
Racial bullying is a type of racism where someone’s bullying focuses on your race, ethnicity or culture. Racism and racial bullying are wrong and you can get help to make it stop.
Racism and racist bullying can include:
  • being called racist names or being sent insulting messages or threats
  • having your belongings damaged or having to see racist graffiti
  • personal attacks, including violence or assault
  • being left out, treated differently or excluded
  • people making assumptions about you because of your colour, race or culture
  • being made to feel like you have to change how you look
  • racist jokes, including jokes about your colour, nationality race or culture.
Racism can affect anyone. It can make you feel like you’re not important or don’t fit in. You might feel upset, depressed or angry. You can be affected by it even when it’s not aimed at you, like if you hear someone discriminating against someone’s culture.

Your gut tells you they don’t like you

If you feel like your co-workers don’t like you, then it could just be in your head, but it could also be true. If they treat you differently than everyone else, then you’re probably not their favourite person. Trust your gut and continue looking for other signs if you have a strong feeling about this.
They don’t smile when you’re around

We’re not talking about the occasional bad day or mood swing. If your co-workers make a conscious effort not to smile when you’re in the room, then something isn’t right.
They cannot maintain eye contact with you

It is difficult to look someone straight in the eye when you do not like or respect them, says Ms Taylor. If you notice that your colleagues avoid eye contact while speaking with you, then those are probably the reasons.
“They’re afraid that you may be able to detect hostility, so the path of least resistance is for them to look away or avoid being around you wherever possible,” Ms Taylor said.
They constantly stare at you

Alternatively, a prolonged, intense stare can also be a sign of rudeness, aggression or hostility, CNN reported.
Whether or not someone avoids your gaze or gives you a hostile glare depends on their personality and whether or not they’re comfortable with coming across as aggressive.
Then again, it’s possible that the starer is just awkward or zoning out.
They avoid you

Writing for the Muse, Kat Boogard gave a striking example of the lengths someone might go to in order to escape the presence of a disliked co-worker: “When it’s just the two of you waiting for an elevator, he decides to walk down the stairs – all 14 flights.”
If you notice that your co-workers take the stairs when they see you waiting for the elevator or they wait until you return from the break room before they head in, then those are good signs that they’re avoiding you.
They don’t acknowledge your presence

If your colleagues don’t say “good morning” when you arrive or “have a great night” on their way out, they may be telling you they don’t like you, said Ms Taylor.
They feed the rumour mill

Concerns about colleagues bickering about you can lower your morale (Shutterstock)
This is childish and unprofessional behaviour, but it happens in workplaces all the time: someone doesn’t like you, so they spread rumours.
They’re short with you

If you ask “how’s it going?” and they always respond with “OK” or “fine” – or if their emails always get straight to the point and never begin with a friendly “hello” or “good afternoon” – then this may be a sign that they’re not a huge fan of yours.
“If they sound like a moody teenager, then that’s a pretty big red flag,” said Mr Kerr.
They give off negative body language

Whether it’s a subtle eye roll or constantly assuming a closed-off position with arms folded across their chest, or they don’t look up from their computer screen when you enter their office, your co-workers’ body language will often reveal their true feelings toward you, Mr Kerr said.
They communicate with you primarily via email, even though you sit close by

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They constantly disagree with you

Bad relations at work can damage the gratification you get from your employment (Shutterstock)
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They steal credit for your ideas

Not being credited properly for your work can decrease your productivity (Shutterstock)
These co-workers could just be “glory hogs,” said Ms Taylor.
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Chances are, they just don’t like you and want you gone.
They throw you under the bus

Do your co-workers throw you under the bus when something goes wrong? Do they tattle on you for saying or doing something against company policy? Do they run to tell your boss any time you make a mistake?
Then they’re probably trying to get you fired.
They never make you or your work a priority

Another big sign your co-workers despise you: “They never make your concerns or problems a priority and they don’t treat your work with the same level of urgency that they do your colleagues”, Kerr said.
They get defensive around you

“If they often and immediately get defensive around you, it could indicate that there’s a lack of trust, and possibly deeper dislike,” said Ms Kerr.
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Can you sum that up a bit, you are a boring poster as it is and dragging it out only makes it worse. I had an uncle like that, couldn't stop talking for nothing and the topics would make your hair curl. Not that they were so scary but there were so damn many of them and, to be quite honest, not all the topics were 'show stoppers' if you know what I mean. Cousin Betsy was like that too, only, . . . .. That would be the phone, might be something important, . . .

The thread is about helping the Indians in the north make some money. I can see why you would be interested in trolling it, being you are an Indian and all that.
You are the one who posts in every bloody thread on the board, whether you know anything about the subject or not....mister post-a-lot-of-nonsense!
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The collective taught me well. Ganging up is a lot easier when there is just 1 of me. Good help is hard to find Right?

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No need for a new thread.

Should this be the standard or make it more park-like where golf carts are the tourists 'ride' to a cabin with WiFi and a big-screen. The creek could be made so the gold would collect in a certain point during the spring floods. You might be able to do some work far upstream that would enhance the gold being brought out in the spring. Flash floods would move more gold than a gentle thaw.

A narrow valley and a steep water channel. At low water flow big rocks in the steeper places empty into pools with a deep hole where the water comes in and that should be where the gold is. When it floods the 1st flood plane slopes back away from the main stream at 1% as far as practical and then a higher level is started.

Terraced ravines can be found all over the world, one design will work better than any other and they would also catch some gold during as big a flood as can be made as that would be dry ground in the summer.

Discuss, . . . . .
hudsons bay company will be the next one to go extinct.





Canada's north should be as rich as South Africa as far as valuable gems, it is a very big place and you only want the places with extra value would be mu guess.

The big hole in the ground that is called Hudson Bay can be modeled in the lava lake in Hawaii, a pattern that is stable and an explosion that sends magma high enough that it comes back on the land and tries to melt it's way back into the pool it came from.
All the many, many lakes in the area would be where the melt saw the rock go all the way through the cooled part.

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hudsons bay company will be the next one to go extinct.

Considering what is really going on not a moment too soon,
So what is stopping FN from mining?
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So what is stopping FN from mining?

You might see a different attitude in Natives if they were allowed property rights on reserves, but some natives chiefs (mostly) see that or try to convince their people that it would be more assimilation attempt by whites.
They are no different than white folks when renting a house with no interest in the upkeep!
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So what is stopping FN from mining?

Too busy fight no existent health issues. If the land is rich in minerals they are being exterminated, like always, so when big mining moves in it is a land without a people.

How is that pilot diamond mine doing??
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You might see a different attitude in Natives if they were allowed property rights on reserves, but some natives chiefs (mostly) see that or try to convince their people that it would be more assimilation attempt by whites.
They are no different than white folks when renting a house with no interest in the upkeep!

Upkeep is the owners responsibility, need a link?? You back the corrupt side way to often for it to be an accident. . . . whack.

Renting a home to tenants in Ontario comes with many responsibilities that are set out in the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA).
These are some of your responsibilities:
  • Keeping the home in good repair: You must repair and maintain the home, and obey provincial and city health, safety and maintenance standards. You are responsible for repairs even if the tenant knew about problems before agreeing to rent the home. Tenants are responsible for any damage that they or their guests cause.
  • Maintaining common areas: You are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the common or shared areas of the building, such as hallways and yards. You are also responsible for removing snow from driveways, walkways, etc.
  • Providing access to vital services: You must provide access to hot and cold water, electricity, heat and fuel (e.g. natural gas). You cannot shut-off these services, even if the tenant has not paid rent. You may shut-off these services temporarily in order to make repairs. You and your tenant can agree that your tenant will pay for these services as a standard fee each month or based on what the tenant uses.
  • Heat: You must provide heat in the home from September 1 to June 15. During this period, the minimum temperature is 20°C. Some cities and towns set additional requirements. You can check with your municipality to find out more about minimum heat standards in your community.
  • Central Air: If you provide central air conditioning, you may be required by your municipality to maintain a maximum temperature of not more than 26°C between June and September.
  • Providing documents: You must provide your tenant with a copy of the lease or tenancy agreement, and written notice of your legal name and address. If the tenant requests rent receipts, you must provide them. You cannot charge a fee for any of these documents.

Make you a Chief and that would be the way their land is stolen alright. Good thing you are just another nameless fuktard when it is all said and done. lol
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