Starting from Energy, up to the form, the entire creation is Maya only, which means wonderful because with respect to God, this creation is unreal by itself, yet it attracts and confuses every soul as if it only exists. The ultimate basis is God. Without God, Energy is unreal and does not exist at all. Without Energy matter and awareness do not exist because matter, awareness, light, heat, etc., are forms of Energy only. Without matter, form cannot exist and without awareness quality cannot exist.

Thus Maya exists at three levels. The highest level is Energy and Energy can be unreal for God only. This Energy-level is called as the Mula Maya. The second higher level is Maha Maya, which is conversion of existing Energy into matter, awareness and other forms like light, heat etc. This second level of Maha Maya constitutes the super powers (Asta Siddhis). The third level is Maya, by which you can produce a form like pot from mud (Matter) or a feeling from awareness. The soul can cross this Maya and realize the unreality of forms and feelings. A blessed soul by God can control the Maha Maya also and can create matter, awareness (life), light, heat, etc., from the existing Energy. But the blessed devotee can be even a demon and Satan has all these superpowers and controls the Maha Maya. You cannot differentiate Krishna and a demon at this level.

Krishna (also other like human incarnations) created Energy, which is converted into gold (matter) and the matter is converted into a pot. Thus He controlled the three types of Maya. The demon also produced a golden pot but he did not create Energy. From the existing energy only he created gold and pot from gold. Thus the demon controls only Maha Maya and Maya but not Mula Maya. But you cannot differentiate Krishna from the demon on the basis of the creation of golden pot because the creation of Energy by Krishna is invisible. Therefore, miracles indicate power of God but not God. A solar battery producing light indicates the capture of the Solar-Energy but not capture of the Sun.