American with billion dollar question

I've read that Canada spent 1 billion dollars for security for the G20 meeting.
Has this money been accounted for? In other words is the information available as to how the money was spent, who the contractors were, etc?

I see a lot of complaints about the 1 billion being excessive but I haven't come across any articles that discusses it in any detail and I've never seen a Canadian Internet poster ever make reference to demanding accountability or discussing the details of it. As if it's just not done in Canada.l
You won't get any details from herr harper or his lackys.
We have things here called the news media, newspapers and television journalists.

They did a lot of coverage of the costs before the summit.

Maybe the US could learn about journalism, too.
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Building a Riotorium ain't cheap!

Next time we'll try Pay Per View to offset the costs.

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