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Government Ends Public Hearing on Plan to Prohibit Fishing

Wednesday, 10 March 2010 09:20

'The Obama administration will accept no more public input for a federal strategy that could prohibit U.S. citizens from fishing the nationís oceans, coastal areas, Great Lakes, and even inland waters.
This announcement comes at the time when the situation supposedly still is ďfluidĒ and the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force still hasnít issued its final report on zoning uses of these waters.
Thatís a disappointment, but not really a surprise for fishing industry insiders who have negotiated for months with officials at the Council on Environmental Quality and bureaucrats on the task force. These angling advocates have come to suspect that public input into the process was a charade from the beginning.'
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Bar Sinister
Looks like the usual nonsense the ridiculous right likes to throw at Obama. The supposed ban deals with only one type of fishing, that of bluefin tuna. It is part of a worldwide conservation effort to restore tuna stocks before they are fished out, and has nothing to do with sport fishing.

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