20 Years and another $100 B

If the same way of dealing with an issue that ends up in court is applied to this story then that is how long it will be in the Canadian courts and that is how much the various Lawyers get. Personal compensation would be above that.
The $100 million spent on the last issue that ultimately were covered by people who paid income-tax (ie, revenue not from the sales of natural resources).

Indian day school survivors launch $15B lawsuit

The article would seem to point to the Federal Gov is the 'body' that holds ultimate responsibility. That would seem to be pretty cut & dried. Did they pay for any part of the function of those schools. That would include who owned the land on which the schools were on. Without having any actual documents I would suspect it was just another 'pork-barrel' exercise. Politicians who supported such things got 'richer'.
I doubt it would denied that forced sterilization of the 'general population' would be an infringement of a person's rights. The Alberta Gov got sued successfully in a class-action suit for that very thing, it was some decades ago. (without proof I do not know if boys as well as girls were 'fixed so the couldn't have children'). Settlement monies came from the provincial treasury, that's about as guilty as you can get.

If all the schools were basically run by a 'select company' then they should also be on the hook for part of the fine.
Well, I hope they put the money to good use, but I doubt they'd get $15 billion

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