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Indeed.... but if simply believing and loving God would make all decisions of an individual being right, then there wouldn't be such a thing as sin now would there? There would be no need to repent sins.... raping, stealing, murdering, having an affair would all be justified.... because you simply love God. There wouldn't be any need for the comandments would there?

Unless of course it was all nothing more than something to sooth the masses as you coaxed them along to do your bidding.


Oh, and thinking God wants something or approves something, isn't actually absolute now is it, let alone makes it true?

Might makes right and the winners write the history. The truth usually follows along some time later when that is all there is left to gleam from the situation. And so, what barring does truth have compared to belief?


I suppose all those crazies who ended up killing their families, chopping them up and making clothing out of them "Because God told me to do it and they were evil" are justified in what they did? Afterall, they love God and heck.... they didn't think God wanted this.... apparently to them, God "Told" them this was what was right to do.

Perspective is everything. Truth is, no one can prove that God told them anything. But that doesn't matter much to those who were chopped up. So where does that leave us?


So they were more justified in doing what they did, then Bush or Palin thinking/praying this is what God wanted.

Justification is subjective. Do you think anyone does that without believing that they were justified? Separate truth from belief and you can find the distinction.


And yet, they're all in jail.
Why is that?

I guess we could chalk that up to a difference in opinion. Someone thinks they are justified, the law says different. Other place, other laws. Still has little to do with the truth of the matter.