Have you had a narrow escape?

CBC News
Barenaked Ladies singer Ed Robertson and three others walked away from a plane crash Sunday afternoon in eastern Ontario, police said Monday.
The float plane crashed into a wooded area near Baptiste Lake, north of Bancroft, early Sunday afternoon while trying to land, said Const. Tracey McDonald of the Bancroft OPP.
Police confirmed that Barenaked Ladies frontman Ed Robertson was a passenger aboard the small plane.
No one was injured in the crash and all four were able to walk out of the woods and report the crash, police were quoted as saying in the Belleville Intelligencer.
Have you had a narrow escape?

........What narrow escape. They landed.

lone wolf
Where do I start? One partially open parachute. One landing in trees. One wrestling match with a fire hose (that one pert near won!) One spooky trip down Rogers Pass when the trailer brakes failed (thank BC for run-off roads) Two well witnessed cardiac arrests - and a few not so well seen but the evidence is on the EEG. Guess my time ain't come yet....
I was nearly run down by speeding drivers twice in the past year.
I was drunk, sitting in the backseat of my friend's pickup truck, yattering in her ear on the way home. She turned around and snapped at me to buckle my fool ass in. I did. Less than two minutes later she rolled the truck.

I consider it a narrow enough escape for my taste.
Not sure of the limitations legally concerning crime,so most of my close calls will remain a secret..but the two murder attempts on my life certainly qualify[one by gun and the other by a semi, driven by wife's boyfriend]
Had a few. Here is one that has an unanswered question.

I used to work as a stonemason and as part of my training I would work on alsorts of things to do with a fireplace. I went to a house, and was setting up my ladder on the chimney to examine it and as I bent down to pick up some sweeping gear, I got the inside word "heads up". Not so much like someone saying something to you but the strong urge. I looked up and just a split second before the chunk of cap hit me.

I got my fat head out of the way and took the hit on my hip that sent me sprawling.
The chunk was about 25 pounds or 10kg for you whippersnappers. I had a bruise that looked like hell right down to the bone. Two days off work and a question that has lingered ever since.

What was it that tipped me off? Maybe the look of the chimney, the smell in the air, some barely audible sound that I picked up at the moment that provoked a deep and ancient instinct to flee danger?

From two stories up it would have killed me without question if it hit my head.
My first job, working with tree trimmers. Had a limb that was nearly too large for the bundle I was shoving into the chipper. The first attempt it bounced out. The second attempt I had a firm hold and shoved it in. When it caught it yanked me off my feet onto the deck. Could see the spinning blades. Co-worker grabbed my overalls and yanked me off. Happened so fast I was dumb-founded. Never held onto the bundles like that again! Scary shyte!

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