Pet food probe turns to human food supply

CBC News
U.S. government inspectors have begun visiting food manufacturing plants to ensure that tainted protein concentrates used in contaminated pet food have not found their way into the human food chain.

Ya, well sure they are acting like they care now, but they don't. Nothing much will change - the big money made on Chinese imports - that cost less but fetch the same price making the markup profits larger - will ensure that nothing changes.

At times like these, we really do want to have government regulators and inspectors working for our safety and health. There has not been any decent scrutiny for a couple of decades. This is the result of corporatism getting to much power over government, we are past due to reel them in a bit.

Chinese goods sold into the north american markets typically contain higher levels of mercury and lead than domestic products. Almost anything coming out of China has those because China is so polluted with the stuff that it just gets into everything. Things like coffee mugs - have you seen one for sale that was NOT made in China? - are the bigger threats because the mercury will leach out into our coffee, and into our brains.

DUH, they got me!!! I am stupid now!!! [they win]
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Oh ,don't you remember they told you to wipe off those can goods before opening !!
Did the title say "our pets are in our food "--um I must of read that wrong ??