An Escape

What is the impetus behind the search for God, and is that search real? For most of us, it is an escape from actuality. So, let's be very clear in ourselves whether this search after God is an escape, or whether it is a search for truth in everything - truth in our relationships, truth in the value of things, truth in ideas. If we are seeking God merely because we are tired of this world and its miseries, then it is an escape. Then we create God, and therefore it is not God. The God of the temples, of the books, is not God, obviously - it is a marvelous escape. But if we try to find the truth, not in one exclusive set of actions, but in all our actions, ideas, and relationships, if we seek the right evaluation of food, clothing, and shelter, then because our minds are capable of clarity and understanding, when we seek reality we shall find it. It will not then be an escape. But if we are confused with regard to the things of the world - food, clothing, shelter, relationship, and ideas - how can we find reality? We can only invent reality. So, God, truth, or reality, is not to be known by a mind that is confused, conditioned, limited. How can such a mind think of reality or God? It has first to decondition itself. It has to free itself from its own limitations, and only then can it know what God is, obviously not before. Reality is the unknown, and that which is known is not the real
Jesus asked His followers - 'know ye not, ye are Gods?'

By this He meant each and every one of you are manifestations of Divine infinitude. This why each follower is commanded to love everyone. Love thy neighbor as thyself ... when two or more are gathered in My name, I am in the mist of thee ... What does all this mean? It means you need not go in some "search" for God as He is within and all around you.
Agree ,we are ....."a manifestation of Divine Infinitude" and so for that reason one should not go in some "search for God for He is .
For me, the search for God is no escape, rather it is quite the opposite. first, a simple definition of God- a supernatural being, supernatural simply meaning outside the "realms" of nature and physicality. My "search" for God is not about truth, but about coming up with a reasonable idea that could be considered a possible explanation for every level of existence. I certainly don't have an idea if people really just consider God more of an excuse and an escape, and have not heard anyone speak of it that way. It is too bad that some some orthodox religious person would probably not like to ever think in the way that they are simply "escaping", because I would like to hear their reasoning beyond God as the only eplanation. If the reasoning could only be expressed without a direct appeal to God! in that respect it does seem very much like a sort of an espcape. Generalizing while talking about religion tends to cause problemks though.
Nederlander :
My "search" for God is not about truth, but about coming up with a reasonable idea that could be considered a possible explanation for every level of existence._____________________________

The "search" has to start for oneself ,find yourself first .And if you find yourself you will find The Creator also .That is where you are.
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