Americans: No 46 in Britain's "Most Annoying" list

Americans are ranked 46th in a British list of "Your 100 Most Irritating Things." Singer, and ex-British Army officer, James Blunt is ranked at number 3. Noisy eaters are ranked 28th and Socialists are 95th. Abi Titmuss is 18th. She first became known to the public when her then-boyfriend, TV presenter John Leslie, was accused of raping another woman (the charges were subsequently dropped). She then became a TV presenter. Blonde bimbo Chantelle, a NON-celebrity who somehow appeared on Celebrity Big Brother and then became a "star", and Preston, who she met on the show and is now engaged to, who is lead singer of rockers The Ordinary Boys, are at 8th.


Daily Mail
31st July 2006

Singer James Blunt is 3rd.

Singer James Blunt's status as the man we love to hate has been confirmed in a poll which says he is more irritating than traffic wardens and noisy neighbours.

The former Army officer, who burst onto the pop scene last year with the soppy love song You're Beautiful, is apparently also more annoying than loud mobile phone users, rude shop assistants - and stepping in dog mess.

The diminutive singer, whose records were banend by one radio station last month, came fourth in a poll of 2000 people to discover our 100 top pet hates,

He was beaten only by cold callers, caravans and queue jumpers. The survey, commissioned for a drinks company, also includes ex-smokers in ninth place, Carol Vorderman at 12 and Americans at 46.

Losing your glasses irritated people, but only enough to secure a place at 55 behind John Leslie's ex-girlfriend Abi Titmuss, men in flip-flops and Channel 4 reality show Big Brother.

Americans: 46th

Other irritations included tailgaters in sixth place, paper cuts (15th), people who read over your shoulder (24th) and people who complain they are fat when they are skinny (25th).

Novelty ring tones also annoy people, as does the American magician David Blaine. And Blunt is not the only singer on the list - British pop star Craig David is in 93rd place.

Abi Titmuss: 18th.

Chantelle and Preston: 8th

A company spokesman said: It's the little things that are beyond our control which annoy us the most, like novelty ring tomes and noisy eaters."

The study found women are easier to annoy than men, with more than 80% admitting little things wind them up easily. Women are also more likely to lose their temper when their stress levels increase, with 73% admitting to it.

The 100 things that drive the Great British public mad

1) Cold callers
2) Caravans
3) Queue jumpers
4) James Blunt
5) Traffic wardens
6) Tailgaters
7) Brown nosers
8 ) Chantelle and Preston from Celebrity Big Brother
9) Ex-smokers
10) Noisy neighbours
11) Hangovers
12) Channel4's Countdown co-host Carol Vorderman
13) Loud mobile phones
14) Men in flip-flops
15) Paper cuts
16) Bad hair days
17) Breaking wind
18 ) Abi Titmuss
19) Off milk
20) Being put on hold
21) Weaving motorcyclists
22) Drivers who park in disabled bays
23) Rude shop assistants
24) People who read over your shoulder
25) People who complain they are fat when they are skinny
26) Stepping in dog dirt
27) Big Brother 5
28 ) Noisy eaters
29) People who don't clear up after their dog
30) Slow drivers in outside lane
31) Junk mail
32) Bossiness
33) Novelty ring tones
34) Somebody taking your parking spot
35) Diarrhoea
36) Debt companies
37) Snobs
38 ) Jehovah's Witnesses
39) Running out of lavatory paper
40) People who have their phone turned off when you call them
41) Mosquitos
42) Buses not arriving on time
43) Children coughing in your face
44) Being bloated
45) Leaving your mobile phone at home
46) Americans
47) David Blaine
48 ) Spots
49) Stepping in chewing gum
50) Running out of hot water
51) Wasps
52) Headaches
53) Crazy Frog
54) London Underground
55) Losing your glasses
56) Warm beer
57) CDs that skip
58 ) Paper jams
59) Bottled water
60) Sunburn
61) Running out of change
62) People who text in capitals
63) Estate agents
64) Stubbing your tow
65) Rubbish printers
66) Flat tyres
67) People who write "text back" in texts
68 ) Breaking a nail
69) Russell Brand
70) The Teletubbies
71) A pen that has run out of ink
72) Cat hair that sticks to clothes
73) Running out of petrol
74) Flatmates who don't clean
75) Heat rash
76) Losing your passport
77) BBC newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky
78 ) Being hungry
79) Tax returns
80) Roadworks
81) Cramp
82) Shoppers hitting you with their trolley
83) Failing your driving test
84) Burning toast
85) Cold showers
86) Scientology
87) Being unable to find matching socks
88 ) Missing the last post
89) Chihuahuas
90) Karaoke
91) Stomach ache
92) PDA (public displays of affection)
93) Craig David
94) Secret workers before exams
95) Socialists
96) Pimped-up cars
97) Getting something in your eye
98 ) Out of tune singers
99) Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks
100) Fake fingernails.
wow so 25% of canadians ranked at number 95.

(along with hitler)
Where are the women with tattoos on their bums? You know the ones out in public who are always finding an excuse to bend over and share their opusteriors. They'd be in the top ten for me.
I think not
The Brits are annoyed at Wasps? I wonder which WASP they are talking about.
Krikey mate: If that's all they got to worry about.........

Wha about snakes that'll kill ya, crocs that'll chew yer arse off, spideys that'll
make ya swell up so big ya burst, toads all ovah the bloody road.......

I'll take mouth breathers and Yanks any tyme mate, trust me.

yo ho ho
Okay, I'll start my own list on what annoys folks in Canada most, from my own perspective, of course:
1) politicians
2) PM's that aren't directly chosen by the public and yet have more power within this country than any other western leader has in his
3) litterbugs- travel a highway like the 115 in March and there are literally tens of thousands of discards along the banks and medians
4) women with large tattoos
5) fanatical health departments who move from one crusade to another
6) Pierre Trudeau
7) Pierre Trudeau supporters
immigrants who feel less attached to Canada than where they came from
9) Stats Canada and its silly inflation readings that divorce energy and food from the core rate
10) recreational vehicle users who destroy cottage and country life with their obnoxious habits

Hey, that's a good start!
1 - Gas price hikes
2 - Protesters who show up at any and all events. You can't be pissed off at everything!
3 - IT geeks at work
4 - Celebrities who think we care about what they think
5 - Human resource people who think they have the answers to your morale problem.
6 - News reporters who give their opinion rather than the facts
7 - Alcoholics
8 - Toronto
9 - Reality TV
10 -*Micheal Moore
Quote: Originally Posted by I think not

The Brits are annoyed at Wasps? I wonder which WASP they are talking about.

I think I've explained before ITN, (I think I mentioned it in a little disagreement with SaintLucifer) I as an Englishman, cannot stand the WASP's.....They may be descended from Anglo-Saxon English people (a few of em), but at this moment the only real Anglo's are the English, and I feel it's disgusting that they use the word "Anglo" as some sort of justification for racism or ignorance.
I think not
Daz, just because they moved doesn't make them any less "Anglos". And I don't care for them quite honestly, they are the most racist bastards you will ever want to meet.
Lineman, excellent list! I missed number one. Canadians are puzzled that in an energy rich country like this they're not enjoying the benefit.
That's true, but you understand that traditionally as a country dealing with others Britain say "anglo-american/french etc relations" and using the word for their kind of "activities" just kind of sours it, that's why (Like Randall in Clerks II) the word should be taken back from the racists.