I hope you'll understand my english...

Hello everybody,
I'll come to London in Ontario in the end of August. My husband find a job there, for the moment we live in england (I'm french), but for me here it's difficult, perhaps because I don't very like this country for many raisons, so I don't practice english language a lot...
I came to see London in Ontario the 15 june for 4 days, and I realy enjoyed it there.
I come to this site for meet poeple who live in Ontario, first, for my english but also to speack with people before I go there.
I have a little girl, she is 5 years, she speaks english better than me...loll
that's it for now, I hope to find people who answer me soon,
thanks to read me,
Hello Etoile!

Well... I understand your english but don't understand why you don't like this country.

Anyway - nice to see you here (on this forum - i'm not in Canada yet)
No real problems in understanding what you are writing Welcome to this forum[and I can understand why you might not enjoy living in England]
thanks for your answer
Hi, are you trying to go to Ontario? If so, you need a workvisa. Your wife could get a open work visa. I know a company canport www.canport.com they can help you with it. They find you a job and do all the paper work. If you still have any question, just contact me. bye (ralfcanada@web.de)
Your English is better than my French . My neighbour is from Toulouse, and she was able to become fluent in English after a while. Anyway, welcome to Ontario!

Edit: and now I feel like an idiot responding to a thread that was brought back to life for the purpose of advertising some visa thingy. But welcome to Ontario anyway!

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