Top Mobile Phones

Hi All,

Can anyone tell me that what r the ratings of the MOBILE PHONES, means what is the best Mobile Manufacturing Company in the world, which is second, third and son on!

It depends on what you need, some ppl needs reliabilities, some ppl needs proffessional programs, some ppl (like me) likes to have all kind of gadgets.

For me right now, I would choose for SonyEricsson for all! But this might change in 2 months.

In terms of quality Sanyo surprisingly had the highest quality and durability standards for their phones compared with everyone else

if your looking for amazingly cool, interactive, high tech gadget phones Sony Ericsson or Nokia N/E series

basic phones with lots of features for cheap prices is motorola

never buy kyocera
why never buy kyocera?
Kyocera is huge in Asia. They do have some Top smartphones however the ones released to North America are on the very low end because of the price range most north americans are willing to pay, plus most kyoceras come as "Free phones" with contract so the service provider will not purchase High end Kyocera phones.
I wouls say Nokia is the best any day due to the quality, funcionality and durability. Ask any Nokia owner how many times they have dropped their phones and for how long it continued working! They keep going on and on! Drop a RAZR V3 and end of story!
motorola or nokia are leading the way for sure
I would definitely have to say Sony Ericsson and Nokia. The two have proved to be innovative in design and pack feature-loaded phones. You can see for yourself at any mobile phone review site - I like and
Motorolla because their advertisements are cool.