Peak oil.


This is a major concern in my life over the last couple years and i'm already preparing, and I can offer a lot of help to those who want it. Please read the basic article on this page if you aren't familiar with what peak-oil is.
That was a real good article.

Big business and too many governments do not care. It is "Business as Usual" for them, as they figure they will not be around to see the results of their actions and of course all the money to be made is hard to pass up.
Ithink it's funny that because these people are blinded by their greed for money and power, they will lose everything trying to protect it. It's not funny at the same time because all of the rest of us are going to get screwed too.
There are ways to reduce the effects on our lives though. The best way to do this would be to create a sustainable household, and this can be done with available technology. We can heat our houses with thermal heat from the ground, extracted with glycol, and compressed with heat pumps to concentrate the heat to a useable temperature. Electricity can be easily provided by solar panels and wind generation. Food can be grown outdoors in the summer, and in a greenhouse heated with the above method in the winter. I'm going to build myself a new home in the next couple years that won't require any utilities, and since I can build it all for myself, it won't cost me much more than a traditional house. The only bills I'll have are my mortgage and taxes. For $50,000 , you could do the same in your current home. It seams steep, but how much do you think energy is going to cost once there isn't enough?

Peak oil and the coming general resource shortage will be the biggest event of our time, and those who don't prepare will lose everything.
How come nobody wants to discuss this? This is going to be the single most catastrophic event in history, and nobody cares? Just cause you don't want to think about it, doesn't mean that it's not going to happen, regardless of anything we do. The thing is, if we take a proactive approach and solve the problem individually on a domestic level, we won't have bury 9 out of 10 people we know.
I think a lot of people subconsciously do not want to admit this is a huge problem. They believe it will not effect them in their lifetime and/or a "miraculous" invention will come along to clean up environment, become available in time that we do not need fossil fuels.

Not to mention a lot of right wing people and governments do not believe Global Warming is true, even though there is ample evidence of that it is true and a reality, but they will not see it.

All they see is now and money money money. For example Bush, Cheney,Harper, Klein, big oil executives, big auto executives etc to name a few. Not to mention all the other politicians that get money for election campaigns, from cooperations. The big oil and big auto have powerful lobbyist as well to keep the status quo.

It seems money before people and the environment is the current mentality and that has to change or we are doomed as a species and planet.

This is a very serious issue not just for environment but world peace as well, as the closer we get to running out of oil, the bigger countries, will play bullies and take the oil they need from countries that can not defend themselves for their own use and will do it by military force if they have to.

Something has to be done before it is too late.

I think all new houses should have to have solar panels, windmills and technology to heat homes via thermal power, installed and the Federal Government should allow people to write off the cost of solar panels, windmills, and thermal heating, same goes for people who want to upgrade their homes to windmill, thermal heating or solar panel technology.

(The only problem I see with that is, will governments have motivation to do this or want to loose money from sales of electricity and/or oil and gas?, I would hope not)

I also think all appliance, furnace, hot water tank (hopefully with a blanket or heated via solar power), new energy efficient windows, energy efficient light bulbs wtc should be pst and gst exempt. I also think the Feds should give people a one time $10,000 grant to go towards upgrading their home to make it more environmental friendly and efficient.

Furthermore I would like to see various governments force utility providers to use Windmills and tidal power instead of dams, to provide power to people.

Regarding vehicles, I say Federal governments of this world should pass laws stating no vehicle produced after 2010 can run on dirty fossil fuels. They have to be propane, natural gas, hydrogen, electricity, solar powered or any other green fuel. We have the technology to do this, but not the will as big oil and auto control too many politicians.

It is really sad greedy cooperations have so much pull but people need to rise up and let politicians know we will not put up with this crap and bs anymore. The time for action is now not later. Politicians will not change unless they have to. Protesting and civil disobedience like shutting down major highways and bridges for a few hours or a day is a way to get attention to the cause.

More money needs to be spent on Light Rail so it can be expanded, more environmentally friendly public transit buses with better service to get people out of their vehicles.

If we do nothing in a few decades this will not be a pretty world. We are our own worst enemy and we really need to start repairing and preventing any further damage now as once it is too late, it will be too late to do anything.
I have a pretty damn good theory as to why no steps are being taken. When I read all of the data about peak oil, I came to the conclusion that the problem present is simple overpopulation. Here's a unpleasent eye opener, I realized that if we try to cut production and waste less, all stature will be lost and no profit will be made agian. It would cost trillions of dollars to impliment the infrastructure necessary, and that money would have to come from the people who have most of the worlds wealth. By implimenting this infrastructure, they'd essentially be making it impossible for themselves to ever recover their money and regain their stature. However, for a lot less money, these same people could sponser the worlds largest war. They control all media, so convincing us to take this path would be easy, they'd save money, and afterwards there wouldn't be anymore than 500 million to a billion people left. With this size of populous, we'd be able to still create a sustainable society, and be able to make a profit, while retaining our first world conditions. The easiest way to set up a war, would be to simply not co-operate, and let it naturally unfold. This way, it wouldn't be the fault of the rich. The way I see it, is if I came to that conclusiong, so did they. The rich elitest don't give a crap about us peasents, they only care about their vast wealth. Can we stop this from happening? No, we could have about 30-50 years ago, but our destiny for war is set now. The attitude of the rich elite is basically the same as the way they run corporations. When profits are limited, downsize to improve efficiency. They've been planning this for thousands of years, that's why it's in the bible, it's the instruction manual.
Basically, by creating your own sustainability, this will limit their power over you to blackmail you with rations to force you to fight their war. If you require nothing from them, they have no power. This is essentially why they've spent the last part of this century making sure you need them to provide you with the necessities of life. I don't like being blackmailed, and they'll be dealing with me afterwards, when their armies are no more and I expose them for their doings.
doesn't worry me, life's better on a bicycle anyway

seriously though, I think that it will happen in our lifetime

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