In Truth


In Truth

By Monica Benderman

George W. Bush:

When are you going to tell the truth to the people of the United States? Why don't you tell them why you want to be in Iraq so bad? I was there for six months and I did not see the first weapon of mass destruction. I did receive orders from the company commander to shoot children if they threw small rocks at us and that was when I figured out that the entire thing was way over the line.

Over 1200 soldiers have died in Iraq so that you can have a couple billion more dollars that should make you feel very good about yourself. The soldiers that have died for this sham that you have put over on the American people are so much more deserving than that. You are not worth the dust off of their boots. If you truly had respect for the military and the people that serve then you would not continue to kill them in your war. I joined the Army to protect my country and not to be a mercenary for a political despot. If you wish to put me in prison because of my views then you should make room for about 75% of the military. And while you are at make some room for yourself and about half of your administration. You are responsible for what happened at Abu Gharib and you are shirking your responsibility. The commander in chief is not above the UCMJ, as you would like to believe.

I want to fulfill my contract that says I joined the Army to protect my country against all enemies foreign and domestic, and as far as I am concerned you are a domestic enemy of the United States. You care nothing for this country; you just care about the profits that are made from the oil in Iraq. That much is evident to me from the way the contracts were passed out to Halliburton and KBR. It must be nice to have the deck stacked in your favor by the president of the USA. Since your are raising the debt ceiling of America so that we can pay the bills that you have run up, why don't you forgive the debts of every one in the armed forces since they are the ones that are making it possible for you to make billions from the oil from Iraq."" (Sgt. Kevin M. Benderman, Nov. 20, 2004)

Dear Mr. Bush *

Over one year ago, my husband showed the integrity of a true leader by facing everything he had committed to for you, in the name of * well, first there was national security, then it was freedom from tyranny for the Iraqis, then it was terrorism, then it was freedom for the American people, and what is it now???? Don't worry * we know. It hasn't changed. First it was oil, then it was saving face for a president who has never faced responsibility for his actions * EVER. But now, you are a president who has nowhere left to hide * you've seen for yourself, the doors are locked you cannot escape us.

You and your army of commanders could not allow my husband to have his voice * you actually thought you could control him * and the TRUTH he had to speak. You put him in prison, and thought you could take him away from me. You dared to believe we would go away quietly and leave you to your war.

Your army cannot control him, because the Truth will not hide. And the commitment my husband made to defend the constitution, to keep his soldiers safe * and to defend his home and his family * has a depth of integrity you will never understand.

Your doors are locking around you, Sir. And the jail cell that you put my husband in * the prison that confines all of our soldiers * this war and the horrific actions you have asked them to commit in our country's name * their doors are opening. I hope you feel every moment of this * and, Sir, I hope you know it comes from Kevin and me.

For over a year, my husband, Sgt. Kevin Benderman took everything the military could pound him with, and walked tall, held his head high * knowing the day would come when the "Truth would set him free." I walk every step with him, Sir * not to hold him up when his drugged stupor wears off, no, Sir * I walk proudly by my husband's side, because I know the leader that he is, and I know the strength that he has. It is an honor, Sir * to stand by his side and help him build his case against you, and all of those who have dared to disrespect him.

What is it that you and the commanders who imprisoned him are so afraid of?

Why was it that they were so willing to commit crimes, to tell lies and to manipulate evidence in my husband's case?

Because they have known from the beginning that he speaks the truth * and my husband's voice is a powerful voice. They should be afraid * you should be afraid - very, very afraid.

You dared to use this country to give yourself a place in history. You dared to use my husband's integrity, his honor and his commitment to duty, and thought that his dignity could somehow serve to make you great.

You were wrong, Sir.

One year ago, my husband told the world what he knew to be true. Attorneys -advisors told him it would be difficult to prove. Kevin and I knew better * and I stood beside him knowing we would face what you and your commanders would try to do, together, and in time, YOU would prove what he already knew. That is what happens with the Truth. He knew this * because he lives this * a powerful man.

You, Sir * wouldn't know the truth if it looked you in the eye. AHHH I'm wrong * you know the truth and it terrifies you.

Those locked doors in Korea * they are the end of your road * there is no one to help you, and what you thought you had locked away is your worst nightmare now.

My husband will not be silenced * for he speaks the Truth, and it is coming for you.


Monica Benderman is the wife of Sgt. Kevin Benderman, Prisoner of Conscience, serving a 15 month sentence at Ft. Lewis Correctional Facility, for speaking out against war, and for daring to tell the Truth. Please visit their websites at and

Monica and Kevin may be reached at
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bush/cheney say that most americans are "unamerican"

You heard it here first.

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