Dear Users,

It's been a bumpy past few days with server hardware failures and upgrades, software upgrades and the odd bug found here and there. It all happens as I, the system administrator, am not in my normal place of residence for a few days!

Over the past 4 days, we must have seen atleast a few hours minimum of downtime per day. Each caused by separate issues which have (hopefully) been fully resolved. I can't make any promises, but we hope that it's all over and we can all move on.

I would just like to thank everybody for the understanding. It's not normal to have a place like the without tons of complaints, which I have not received any.

Again, special thanks to you for coming back and putting up with such an eventful weekend.
Everyone knows you are doing your best andem. You have a following, and we are not leaving the ship
specialy not me
i luv u
I doubt anyone is going to leave because of that.

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