What a soora 37 !

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This is a great soora of the Quran, the soora no. 37 in the book of the Quran


Soora 37

(In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

(1. [I swear] by the [birds] flying in arrays.

[Then God – be glorified – started to describe some of the acts which those birds had done, and He said:]
2. And shouting loudly on [the disbelievers].

3. And rehearsing the glorification [of God in their languages.]

4. [That] your God is surely One.

5. [That is] the Lord of the heavens and the earth and what between them are, and the Lord of the sun-rising [zones.] )

More explanation is in the link:

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"They were the birds of the ‘Ababiel’: the raven; some of which had attacked the host of Abraha when he intended to destroy the Ka’aba at Mecca in the year 570 AD

The meaning: If you do not desist from worshiping the idols and do not worship your One God Who has no associate, We will send against you some of those birds which We had sent on the ‘Host of the Elephant’ and had destroyed them;

so as such will We send them against you to destroy you, and you will then lose."

More explanation is in the link cited above which is:


6. We have adorned the nearest heaven [to your earth] with [meteors, like] the adornment of the [other] planets.

7. And that [meteors] may guard against every rebellious devil.

8. [The devils now] cannot listen to the high noble [angels], and they are pelted [with meteors] from every side.

9. To repel them violently, and another chastisement will be for them [on Doomsday.]

10. Except [such devil] as snatched some snatching [from the angels in the past, while now they cannot] and was then pursued by a flaming meteor.

11. So inquire of them [Mohammed] – Are they stronger as a creation, or are those whom We created [before them]?

[And even], We created them out of 'dry and hard' mud.

[Then God – be glorified – addressed His noble messenger, and said:]
12. But you [Mohammed] do marvel [of Our signs], whereas they scoff.

13. And when they are admonished [by you], they receive not admonition.

14. And when they know that a revelation [has been revealed to you], they go on scoffing. )

More explanation of these ayat and the rest of this soora is in the link:


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What a soora 37 !

What a retard.
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This also is the recital of this great soora 37, by an excellent Egyptian reciter:

A shithole religion, or should it be called a shithole philosophy

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