French-language Federal Debate

French-language debate, 1st to feature 5 party leaders, set for tonight - Politics - CBC News

So Harper got destroyed in this one.
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It's in French. Nobody gives a rats a-s-s.
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It's in French. Nobody gives a rats a-s-s.


After watching this though, Duceppe is a pretty good debater.

You are going to be hearing about Harper and Saudi Arabia very soon.
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Norman Spector ‏@nspector4 35m35 minutes ago In French, Mulcair’s interruption of Harper on niqab elicit kind of criticism Trudeau received after English debates

Jean Laroche Verified account ‏@larochecbc

@nspector4 Specifically: reduced the debate to the level of "two drunks arguing in a bar."

attaboy thomas

but anyway...

Andrew Coyne Verified account ‏@acoyne

I don’t think I’ve seen Trudeau better. Concise, on point. Mostly concisely pointed nonsense, but that’s irrelevant.

TNorrisSG ‏@TNorrisYEG

Quebec media is naming Harper the leader of the French language debate. Think about that for a minute. That's huge for CPC. #cdnpoli

french to mississauguan translate = delicious vibes and tears
Norman Spector ‏@nspector4

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Never thought I'd see Harper #2 finisher in French debate

Stéphane Gobeil ‏@gobeillades

Le gagnant du débat? @GillesDuceppe selon les 11 276 répondants de la boussole électorale.


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