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Windows 10: release date, price, news and features | Operating Systems News | TechRadar

It is quite a detailed read, and informative. Everything you needed to know about Windows 10, what it contains, what devices will run it, just about every single relevant tid bit of the new OS is right here.

I have been running the TP of W10 for some time now and I do like it. There are a few graphical/display glitches here and there but not often and not anything too serious. It's much easier to recover the OS than in previous versions of Windows, and without causing too much conflict with currently running programs.

Anyways if you got about 20-30mins to kill, give the above link a read. It's 3 long pages of well-written information and explained in a way that anybody should figure out, especially those still concerned about upgrading from the Windows 7, Vista after what they've been told about 8.1 (which I loved, but whatever)