Anyone Use Twitter Here?

Any one find it interesting, fun or just a good way to kill time? Or none of the above? Seems to be outpacing Facebook in some ways. Twitter to me is about news, Facebook about your life. Am I wrong?

Dont want any IDs of course, just some general info.
In Between Man
Yeah I use it. Some people or organizations you follow can be useful for breaking news, interesting links to articles and such, so you're correct in that Twitter's more about news I would say. But without any followers yourself, it's pointless sending out your own tweets, and I can't imagine telling my friends to
"follow me".
Twitter is a great way to find what interests you..And to put your interests out there...Great info sharing tool..Can't say I use FaceBook much..
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Nope..........I may be a twit, but I don't tweet.
I'd be looking to follow articles, not send out my own tweets. Seems you need to specialise in one topic and follow. I heard Justin Trudeau has 150,000 followers.
I mostly use it for news. I dont tweet much myself though. When I do its generally not that interesting - so I guess I fit right in.

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