Where is the truth?

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Amid all this confusion and mess of opinions and creeds .. where is the truth?
It is: God is One without associate or son or parents .. God is the Eternal.

So you can be wrong in any political or social idea .. but this is the essential truth: the belief in God as One God without associate and in the Afterlife: the Next Life.

These are the last two ayat of the soora 42: 52-53, which mean:
(52. [Just as had We revealed to the prophets before you by a messenger out of the angels,] as such have We revealed to you [Mohammed by] a ghost [: Gabriel: the Trustworthy Ghost who is one] of Our am'r [: Our spiritual creatures.]
[Although before the revelation] you were not aware about the [heavenly] scripture and the faith.
But We have made the [Quran] a light, wherewith We guide those of Our servants whom We please.
And indeed you [Mohammed] do guide [people] to a 'standard and straight' way [of monotheism, which if they follow, will lead them to Paradise.]

53. The way of God, to Whom belongs [all] that is in the [ethereal] heavens [: the paradises], and [all] that is in the earth [as a whole.]
surely all souls [: lit. am'rs] will return to God [after death, and He will judge them justly.]

More explanation is in the link:
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Quran 39: 22, which means:
(Is the one whose breast has been relieved by God: for [accepting] the Islam, so that he [works] according to a light from his Lord,
[like the one misguided by Satan, and so he acts according to the darkness of his ignorance?]

Then woe to those [associaters] whose hearts are so hard when God is mentioned [as being One.]

Such [associaters] are [wandering about] in [their] manifest misguidance.)
.................................................. ......................

22 a It means: If you say to one of them: God is One having neither any associate nor is there any intercessor unless with His leave, then his heart will be hard towards you and may revile you and say: “No, but these are our intercessors before God.”

Similar to this, is another aya in this same soora 39: 45, which is His saying – be glorified – that means:

(When God, Alone is mentioned [with might], the hearts of those who believe not in the Next Life will be filled with disgust; but when those apart from Him are mentioned [with might and good praise], behold, they will rejoice [for praising their gods.])

The meaning: When God is mentioned alone with His exclusive might and that the peers have no ability or might over anything, the hearts of the associaters will disgust from such words and they will say: “But our intercessors also have might.”

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Dogs are for people who want to be treated like gods. Cats are for people who are strong enough to have a god(dess) stand on their chest at 6AM demanding food.
The Lord is the Creator.

Likewise, the Lord is my faith.

The Lord is God in science.

Orthoxes also believed in the Lord.

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