1. What responsibilities will you take on when you become a Canadian citizen?

to respect cultural differences, democratic decision making, the rule of law
to participate in peacekeeping missions around the world
to promote due process and to develop a unique federal style of government
to agree with the democratically elected government
2. What legal document recognizes the cultural diversity of Canada?

Charter of Freedoms and Rights.
Official Linguistic Act.
Canadian Multiculturalism Act.
Cultural Diversity Agreement.
3. Volunteers are

people who help others without being paid
people who want to help others without paying
things that people do to help people with no money
homeless and unemployed, as well as neighbours in need
4. Canada has:

three official languages: English, French and Nunavut.
two official languages: French and English.
one official language: English.
no official languages. English and French are the most spoken languages.
5. Everyone has the right to a criminal trial in

either English or French
any of the aboriginal languages, English or French
English, French, any of the aboriginal languages, and Chinese
6. The tree main types of industries in Canada are:

military, civil and agricultural
land, water and air based
automatic, manual and people-driven
natural resources, manufacturing and services
7. The largest trading partner of Canada is:

European Union
United States of America
Great Britain
8. Most Canadians work in

service industries
education and health care
government and the army
fishing, mining and forestry
9. The territory of Canada is approximately

10 million square kilometres
1 million square kilometres
100 million square kilometres
1000 square kilometres
10. The population of Canada equals to approximately

31 million people
300 000 people
310 million people
3,1 million people

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