Luxury Off Road Tank

This is a must have on the Christmas list..

The Ripsaw Luxury Off Road Tank will let you do almost anything you can imagine even in the harshest terrain.

If you ever played Mass Effect, you probably remember Mako. This iconic vehicle is one of the symbols of the game. Thatís because you could take it anywhere and be sure it will reach itsí destination. Now, this luxury off road tank is a true embodiment of the Mako.

Itís not your usual pimped up SUV, which is stopped by some mud or rocks. Itís more of a tank, which will be reliable in any situation.

This beast is powered by a 6.6-liter diesel engine, which produces 600 bhp. For reference, itís enough to power 6 family saloons.

Because itís a diesel, it has a range of around 300 miles. Now thatís a long off-road trip.

The tank is of course equipped with very strong rubber tracks, which wonít be stopped by any snow, sand or mud. To make it truly all-terrain we should add that it can float.

The interior might look like one of a jet plane, but in fact, itís rather luxurious, thanks to the leather seats, air conditioning or a good audio.

Now that is a dream for any child trapped inside a grown manís body.

There are many types of people who would want the luxury off road tank. If you love off-roading, traveling deep into the wilderness, high-end military equipment, adrenaline, adventure, reaching places no one can reach, then you surely want one.