Canada’s new citizenship bill a Trojan horse

So sayeth the toronto star.

Bill C-24 would give the Conservative government unprecedented authority to strip Canadians of their citizenship. It’s not just Omar Khadr who’ll be hit.

The federal government’s new citizenship bill is a Trojan horse.

It is presented as an attempt to reduce fraud and rationalize the process of becoming a Canadian citizen, both of which are sensible aims.

But it would also give Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government unprecedented authority to strip Canadians — including thousands born in this country — of their citizenship.

These are the most radical provisions of Bill C-24, unveiled Thursday by Immigration Minister Chris Alexander.


Canada’s new citizenship bill a Trojan horse: Walkom | Toronto Star
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I think that those that are proven to be Canadian **** izens, eg. evildoers, etc., should have have their Canadian citizenship revoked then deported.
L Gilbert
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Um, it says, "But throughout history, the citizenship of Canadians born in this country has been irrevocable.
No more. Bill C-24 would let the government unilaterally strip citizenship from any Canadian — naturalized or native-born — who has been convicted in any country of a terrorist offence and sentenced to at least five years in jail.
Other crimes that could cost Canadians their citizenship would include treason and espionage.
In all cases, the only caveat is that the person could not be left stateless.".
So is there something wrong with stripping people that have been convicted of terrorism, treason, and espionage of citizenship? I'm not terribly sure I'd be all that upset if people like that were made to leave Canuckville.

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