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How does Ecosia handle search and data privacy?

One of Ecosia's goals is to be a privacy friendly engine. We believe that an individual's personal data, including their search queries, are their own business and no one else's.

But the policies of our independent partners may differ from our own, which limits our ability to make promises regarding privacy. Ecosia does not permanently store any personally identifiable data. We are still required to send some personal data (e.g. parts of your IP address or browser type) to our search partner Bing, who may analyze this data. Regardless, we promise to continue improving Ecosia's privacy situation whenever and wherever possible. For a complete rundown of Ecosia's most current privacy policy, please have a look here.

just sayin
I hope it protects us - the users as you said. But I don't think there is any search engine would have nothing to do with privacy. They always get something out of our searching activities, at least our location, online habit, purchase history, then target us everywhere with products and services.

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