Walmart self check out

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In our local stores, the 'express lines' were there before the self checkout, so that didn't happen.

Yup, expess has been around for ever. Petros was living in saskatistan so things were probably delayed
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Heh-heh. . . he said "ballsack."

...and that seems to be a joke here too in Alberta.

Balzac is a hamlet in the southern portion of the Canadian province of Alberta, in Rocky View County.,_Alberta
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Balzac is a hamlet

Don't be ridiculous. Balzac is The Human Comedy. Shakespeare is Hamlet.
Also they are getting an app where you won;t even have to go to a cash register but just scan it with you phone. Not sure how you get a paper receipt - maybe you don't need one.
No copy/paste of the story so you will have to read it.......

Walmart will soon have robots roaming the aisles in 50 stores

Walmart store robot program expands - Business Insider
The best thing about this is that the self check out is credit/debit only.

Future generations will never know the pain of waiting in line behind an old person who wants to pay in cash. And with exact change. It always has to be exact change.

Or, God forbid, a personal check..

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