Any baseball fan that confused over baseball

Rules, just come post and ask me here, I love to help out. I am umpire in youth sports so its to there level, but its not hard for me to get the mlb rules. college might be a big different.

If your a parent want to know about youth baseball rule talk to me.

here are some things people don't understand in baseball.

1. tie goes to the runner myth no such thing as a tie going to the runner. The runner got to beat the ball.

2. ball that touchs a player before passing anyone else other than pitcher an is on the bag he can be consider out.

3. as a batter you have to try to attempt to get out of the way of a ball coming in you. (if you don't the call should be dead ball 1,2,3,4) or if they lean in same thing.

4. the plate is fair so if the ball hits the plate, than catchers gets it before passing anything else its fair ball.

anything else just ask. Not sure if baseball really big up there.
Is there any hope for the Mariners next year?
anything possible baseball, but with teams like red sox, yankees, rays, st louis, etc... its highly unlikey.
Anyone else wants to add information or talk about baseball come here i can help with almost anything baseball related that my confused or don't understand fully.

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