Rock band Kasabian model England's new kit... in Paris

England's new away kit has been modelled by rock band Kasabian - in Paris.

The indie band from Leicester - who are fans of Leicester City Football Club - performed in front of 250,000 fans in the French capital last night, during which lead singer Tom Meighan put on England's new strip and performed whilst wearing it. Needless to say, sections of the mostly French crowd booed.

The new kit is plain red with white on the cuffs with a star above the badge, which represents the team's 1966 World Cup win.

It is based on the red away kit in which England wore during the 1966 World Cup Final. England may wear their away kit when they come up against another team who also traditionally plays in white, as occurred against West Germany in 1966, to avoid a colour clash confusion.

All three of England's opponents in the Group Stage of the 2010 World Cup - the USA, Algeria and Slovenia - all play in white like England.

Kasabian Unveil England World Cup Away Kit in Paris

Julian Marszalek
Spinner UK
Wednesday 10th February 2010

In a break with tradition, the new England away shirt for the 2010 Football World Cup was launched last night (Feb. 9) not by an England player but by Kasabian singer Tom Meighan (pictured) in -- of all places -- Paris.

The singer took to the stage at the Olympia Theatre for an an encore of 'Fire' wearing the new Umbro strip.

Perhaps confident of the England team's chances in South Africa this summer, the red away strip is based on the World Cup-winning 1966 away design with the added extra of white cuffs.

Speaking to NME, Meighan expressed his delight at being the first person to model the new strip.

He said: "I'm the first person to wear it which is crazy. They said they wanted to take it away from the footballers for once and do something up to date. They wanted to combine with rock 'n' roll. They're two powerful things ... I'm honoured to wear it."

The new away kit is based on the one the team wore during the 1966 World Cup Final

He continued, "This is how football shirts should be made: tailored. It's really unique, I think [team manager] Fabio Capello had a say in it ... personally it's very strange to wear it before Wayne Rooney or Stevie Gerrard!"

Umbro spokesperson Trevor Cairns explained that the label had chosen Kasabian for the honour because the band, "like England, represented the nation abroad."

Kasabian Unveil England World Cup Away Kit in Paris - Spinner
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