For any teams who are playing Bristol City this season, I think it's wise to not celebrate a goal anywhere near their manager.

Bristol City were up against Cardiff City in the FA Cup, 3rd Round, on Tuesday night at Bristol City's Ashton Gate stadium.

After Michael Chopra put Cardiff City 1-0 ahead, the striker wheeled away in delight, but his celebration ended when he was tripped up by an outstretched boot. But it wasn't a boot of an angry Bristol player. It was the boot of their manager, Gary Johnson. The home fans were, of course, delighted and thought it hilarious, and Chopra and Johnson had a bit of a pushing and shoving match before play resumed.

The game finished 1-1 and will be replayed on Tuesday. If that finishes as a draw the match will go to extra time and maybe penalties. The winners will play Leicester City in the 4th Round this weekend.

Have a nice trip? Striker brought down to earth mid-goal celebration by an outstretched boot of the opposition's manager

By Philip Duncan
14th January 2010
Daily Mail

Note to all teams playing Bristol City. Don't, whatever you do, celebrate in front of, or even within 10 yards of manager Gary Johnson. He definitely doesn't like it.

Just ask Cardiff City striker Michael Chopra, who turned out to be the fall guy this week moments after scoring an important goal.

As the player wheeled away in delight and sprinted up the touchline after scoring the opening goal in the FA Cup tie at Ashton Gate, he was tripped by an outstretched boot.

But the most astonishing thing was that this was there were no studs with an opposition player attached - it was the severely narked opposition manager.

Fall guy: Michael Chopra celebrates giving Cardiff the lead at Ashton Gate

After going almost four months without scoring, the former Sunderland and Newcastle star probably felt entitled to celebrate a terrific lobbed goal on Tuesday night.

But the 29-year-old famously dumped by his WAG via Facebook seven months after their wedding day, found himself in the headlines for the wrong reason again.

As he ran towards the Cardiff bench to celebrate with manager Dave Jones and the rest of his team-mates, Johnson, 54, sent him flying, to the hilarity of fans in the stand.

But his celebrations are cut short when he's tripped up by City boss Gary Johnson

Chopra picked himself and became involved in some pushing and shoving with Johnson before play was able to continue with a Bristol City kick-off.

Johnson said: 'If he wants to celebrate he should do it on the pitch. There was no malice in it, but I found myself with 10 Cardiff players all rushing towards me and I had nowhere to go so I stood my ground.

Handbags: An understandably peeved Chopra pushes Johnson

'He ended up getting tripped by me. I don't think I meant it.'

He later apologised to Chopra and the FA will be hoping there is no repeat in the replay after substitute Gavin Williams saved the game with an injury-time equaliser.

Cardiff manager Dave Jones said: 'There was no problem. I just told Gary that if it had been big Jay Bothroyd running at him he wouldn't have risked tripping him!'