I had some free time today for nature observations while I was at work. I sat on an upturned plastic oil bucket and watched a day old dog turd for signs of life. Very near the beginning of my observations I was delighted to witness the bronze blow fly lite on the manure (dog turd) followed by two or three others. They seemed to be examining the turd closely all over for some mysterious feature. They were joined by a larger striped fly who agressively tried to boot them off the find, later still a black articulating beetle showed up and a small dragonfly which as far as I could tell was waiting for a suitably sized fly to sieze. I'm always amazed at the number and variety of **** lovers that show up for that priceless commodity. Life is different than I was earlier made to think. The life in a hundred square centimeter piece of soil is exciting and beautiful. We can take nature vacations in very small areas.