The book that can't be published in America

The Book That Can’t Be Published In America
By Alan Hart, author of Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews
11/14/07 " ICH " --- -- The question Americans asked in the immediate aftermath of the horror of 9/11 was “Why do they hate us?” And in many American minds the “they” of the question were not only the violent Islamic fundamentalists who, according to the official version of events, were solely responsible for bringing down the Twin Towers, but Arabs and Muslims everywhere - about a quarter of humankind.
Since that particular shocking and awesome event, I have often asked myself how different the world today might have been – how much less destruction and killing there would have been - if President Bush had said something like: “That’s a very good question. We must and will seek the answer to it before we decide how to respond.”
If an attempt had been made to answer the question, the first thing that would have been established is that the overwhelming majority of Arabs and other Muslims everywhere do not hate Americans or America. If they could, very many Arabs and other Muslims, perhaps even half of them, would live in America to enjoy the apparently good life there.
What they hate is American foreign policy. And the underlying prime cause of that hatred is Congressional and White House support for the Zionist state of Israel right or wrong. But Israel’s American-endorsed arrogance of power and contempt for international law is only one of two factors in the equation that, over the past 60 years, has seen Arab and other Muslim hurt, anger and humliation turn to hatred on account of the conflict in and over Palestine. The other is the impotence of the regimes of the existing mainly corrupt and repressive Arab Order, regimes which, genereally speaking, are perceived by their masses to be, in ef
Since America brags about its virtues, it is held to a higher standard.

Why China's oil exploration and funding of the Sudan regime avoids the front page headlines is an example of these different standards and rage du jour.
That's partly true Jim ....(like most generalizations...

But the crowing that "America" (that nebulous generalization that sometimes means the electorate who are so misinformed and intentionally deluded by a government that's out of control...or the super-wealthy and corporate nabobs who are behind the bulk of the worlds ills) has and continues to return to haunt it..."America" that is..

It's inconsistent with the notion of "world peace" to be seen wading into venues like South East Asia and Afghanistan and Iraq and everywhere else Ole Glory is seen emblazoned on the fuselage of an F-16 or on the side of a Bradley Armored Vehicle that's been sent in to "protect American interests"....

Who has more military stationed all over the world with more weapons and more destructive capability only the push of a button away than the very same nation that used to talk about "world peace".....?

Do Americans wrinkling their noses in disgust as yet another contaminated and potentially dangerous product "Made in China" is identified by the media...that its the "profit at any cost" attitude and effort of Matel Fisher Price and dozens of American corporate money-mills that are behind these events?

For decades Canada and the United States have led the world in producing everything from pet-rocks to booster rockets that fall victim to frozen foam....from mindless violence that lionizes brutality and exalts gratuitous violence to children donning trench coats and spraying lead around their classrooms to carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere and garbage dumped in oceans.....and there's some confusion regarding the "character" of the "climb to prosperity" that is the hallmark of the western jungles...?

It's all bafflegab and smoke'n'mirrors Jim....have another birthday drink and try to forget about it....

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